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Posted Apr 27/10 - UK Soccer Camp
We are planning UK Soccer Team Camp for the week of June 28-July 2.  It's Monday to Friday from 4-8, probably at the new fields.  This is one of the weeks they are running the day camp (from 9-1) in Mountain Top, so we get a discount doing it a week that the coaches are already here.  Please tell Kim/Brian if are NOT going to be able to participate.


Posted Apr 20/10 - Spring Session and Annual Fundraising Money Now Due
The cost for the spring session is $35 & can be given to Chantel (Shyla's mom).  Checks can be made out to Kim Kaminski.
Also, the annual MYSA fundraiser is now in full swing.  MYSA has a new policy this year:  all players must participate in the fundraiser.  Last year we paid $5 a player & sold lottery tickets if we wanted to.  Not enough people participated, so this year you can either opt to buy the tickets for $60, sell them & keep the money, or choose the $30 buy out.  This is a once a year fundraiser.  The lottery is for the month of June, so let me know if anyone wants the tickets to sell.  Checks for the fundraiser ONLY will be made out to MYSA & either for $60 or $30, whichever option you pick.  This is NOT a fundraiser for our team, but for the league itself (field maintenance, etc.)  If you're playing rec. in the fall, you've already paid the fundraising fee, & don't have to pay it again.  It's once per player, per year.  These checks can also be given to Chantel, but MUST be made out seperately.


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