Sep 25/20
4:29 pm

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Fort Wayne

Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the 2009 Windows Doors %26 More Team Site - GTLL Minor League
  • Team Missions: 1. Have Fun 2. Learn and Practice Proper Baseball Mechanics 3. Practice Sportsmanship
  • All Team Missions accomplished!!! Thank you guys! I couldn't have asked any more of you!
  • Great Season, Team!!! 1st Place in National and Tournament Runner's Up!!! We are all EXTREMELY proud! Great work!
  • I hope everyone enjoyed our team picnic! It was a great Grand Finale to our season!
Player of the game:
(Jun 26/09)
Devin Bobay

Devin played his heart out, along with the rest of his team, in our final Championship Game with Legacy this past Friday! Not only did he do a great job as closing pitcher, he played with intensity making a couple diving stops and 2 outs! He also stole home once! The whole team worked hard, but eventually lost to a great Legacy team! Good work Legacy! Great season guys!!! Hold your heads high! You accomplished a lot!
Countdown to the end of the season
(Jun 26/09)


Our time together as Windows Doors & More is officially over.

Keep in mind though, "Once a team, always a team!"

Always be good to each other!




Thank you, to all of our players, parents, family, and friends for the support and devotion you gave to our team!

It was an honor being the coach of such a great group of Ball Players!

I can't offer enough thanks for the opportunity to be an influence and to create some wonderful life long memories...

I'll always remember and be overwhelmingly proud of all of you!

-Coach Tim


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