Jul 15/20
2:39 am

MLB Wild Pitchers
This Week: Daniel Cabrera




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  • Welcome to the new home of MLB Wild Pitchers!
  • Daniel Cabrera is the King of Wildness as of July 27.

Daniel Cabrera has shown that he is the best of the best when it comes to: walking batters, hitting batters, and throwing wild pitches! He is the leader of the stat everybody is proud of, Wild Pitcher Total! Only time will tell if he can hold his lead for the whole year. He has since been demoted to Class AAA. Today (7/28/06) pits his Ottawa Lynx against the Syracuse Sky Chiefs. Daniel will start. Maybe the Sky Chiefs will take advantage of his wildness.

This site is devoted to finding the wild pitchers in Major League Baseball. The stat, Wild Pitcher Total, or WPT, shows how wild a pitcher really is. You find WPT by: (Wild pitches x 5)+ (Hit by pitches x 5) + (Base on balls allowed). The end result is WPT. For the leader as of 7/27/06, Daniel Cabrera, this is how we figured it out: 75 (his walk total) + 13x5 (his wild pitch total) + 3x5 (his hit by pitch total). The home page will change with the leader. Here's the standings as of 7/27/06:

1. Daniel Cabrera (Orioles) WPT: 155
2. Barry Zito (Athletics) WPT: 138
3. Ryan Madson (Phillies) WPT: 131
4. Ervin Santana (Angels) WPT: 126
5. Josh Beckett (Red Sox) WPT: 117
6. Matt Cain (Giants) WPT: 112
7. Jason Jennings (Rockies) WPT: 101
8. Paul Maholm (Pirates) WPT: 101
9. Jason Schmidt (Giants) WPT: 100
10. Josh Johnson (Marlins) WPT: 96

The Giants are the only team with two pitchers in the top 10.
Josh is the only name to appear twice in the top 10.
Only Josh Johnson's WPT was under 100.


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