Jun 22/21
2:39 pm




wheat ridge

Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the warriors
  • Our next game we got Anthony Ochiato pitching you should come out and watch this kid if you wanna see a future major leagure
Countdown to spring break!!!!
(Mar 21/09)
Welcome warriors, this website was created by Ryan Girtin and Zach Zavala for the Wheat Ridge Warriors who kick some major butt at baseball. We made this website so we can keep track of our amazing team.

We beat the chatfield phantom or something like that in a game we should have easily one,but you know us we like to build the suspense and we did but we poled it out in the 7th inning to win the game thanks to our three pitchers Danny[the crazy beat boxer] Kyle![the one and only] and the crazy Zach [aka kip from napoleon dynamite!]. we got destroyed by thunder ridge but we will get them next time we meet. we where just letting them have that game we felt bad for that team


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