Jul 13/20
11:26 am

Millersville Beer Pong




Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the Millersville 2010 Beer Pong Team
  • August 26th 2006 is move in day! Bring your lucky pong balls, beer and be prepared for the Kickoff of the new school year after the Marauder Football Game ends! Go Marauders!
Countdown to First Beer Pong Game
(Aug 26/06)
Welcome to the Millersville 2010 Beer Pong Team New Home Page!
Beer Pong Rules Update
-Teams of Two
-Opening Shots, both teams shoot eye to eye. First team to make it wins both opening shots.
-Each team shoots twice
-6 cup, 1 rerack with a complimentary I
-10 cup, 2 reracks with a complimentary I
-If pong ball rolls back, player is granted opportunity at around the back shot, if made counts as 2 cups.
-Bounce shots can be blocked, but if made count as 2 cups.
-Randy Johnson shots (fastball winged into the cup) can be blocked as well, but only count as 1 cup.
-Bitches Blow and Fellas Finger
-1 celebrity shot per round.
-Death Cup, if ball is made into opposite teams previously made cup with beer still in the cup = End of Game
-Redemption (Rebuddle) shoot till player misses, and if all cups made, game goes into sudden death 3 cup round.
-If cup knocked is knocked off table, cup is counted as a made cup.


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