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Player of the game:
(Jul 24/11)
Devon Gall

Pitched a great game against a strong hitting AA team, and reached base 2 of 3 at bats.

Posted Jul 29/11 - Lynden Rules
                             13-14 DIVISIONS
Games will be 7 innings in length unless the game is suspended because of time limit (see below) or if one team is ahead by 8 or more runs after 5 innings (4 ½  innings if the home team is leading).
Home team will be decided by a coin-flip between the two coach’s  prior to game time.

PITCHING RULES----3 innings per game---PERIOD—This will be the ONLY pitching rule in this tournament.
Free substitution (on Defense) —except pitcher who cannot come back to pitch in the game once he is removed from pitching, but he can be played at any other position-- (ALL ROSTER BATS- but each coach has the option of only “matching” the number of batters that the opposing team has-i.e if one team has only 10 players—it is up to the coach if he wants to bat only 10)—intent of this is that ALL kids play ball and no teams gain an advantage by having less players. Extra players (beyond what each team is matching batting the roster) can freely substitute on defense, however on offense High School substitution rules apply.

No designated hitter
Big barrel (2 ¾”) bats are allowed
Must slide or avoid on plays at all bases.

SPORTSMANSHIP---This is a POINT OF EMPHASIS for this tournament! Lets all try and remember that this is for the kids—please model good sportsmanship—cussing will NOT be tolerated— NO Noise Makers, nor will exchanges of insults between players and coaches and Fans--Umpires will be instructed to EJECT participants after a warning (although NO warning is required for BLANTANT violations)---EJECTION results in disqualification of player or manager for that game and the next game---2 ejection disqualifies player or coach from the entire tournament----a Team can be disqualified from the tournament by the Tournament Director if players or coach (s) are “out of control”----PLEASE---none of us want to get into this type of scenario—nobody wins that way---so lets work together to make this an great tournament and prevent any “ugly” displays that require punitive action.

TIME LIMIT----We have games back to back on these fields and MUST keep these games moving---coach cooperation is IMPORTANT—please limit time outs, delays, and have players hustle on and off field. --NO NEW INNING AFTER 2:00 HOURS –NO NEW PITCH AFTER 2:10---play is HALTED (unless you are the home team—up to bat AND hold the lead—then of course you are declared the winner). The Tournament Director has the discretion of playing any additional time in order to decide the game ON THE FIELD if at all possible (This is my intent wherever possible) TIE games are recorded as TIE in pool play. Time Limits will be suspended for Championship  games.

NO Infield/Outfield prior to games. Strict time limits (as stated above). Please don’t throw the ball around the infield after strikeouts—hustle on/off the field—5 pitch warm-ups between innings. Game times on Saturday & Sunday are every 2:15.

OFFICIAL GAME TIME CLOCK WILL START AT THE TIME IT IS POSTED ON THE TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE—SO BE READY TO PLAY AT YOUR SCHEDULED TIME—There will be NO arguments about time limits—so understand that now—GAME CLOCK STARTS ON TIME! This is why I REALLY need everyone’s cooperation---it is easy to get these games in within the time limits as long as everyone works together.
Rain Delays---The Tournament Director has the right to modify the tournament schedule in the event of rain or other unforeseen circumstances. For example, a set of games could be shortened to strict time limits to make up for rain outs or rain delays. Hopefully we will have good weather and will not have to modify schedules—but we live in the NW and all of us have experienced weather related problems—so be patient if we have weather problems as I will make EVERY possible effort to get ALL of these games in. Time Limits will be posted---PLEASE inform Parents so everyone understands “Time Limits”—they are a necessary part of rain shortened games----
Posted Jul 29/11 - Lynden Tournament Schedule
2011 LAST CHANCE TOURNAMENT 13-14 Division
RED POOL                                WHITE POOL
R1 Neer Plumbing                     W1 Bellingham Blue Sox
R2 Marysville Mustanges           W2 Anacortes
R3 Victoria Bulls                       W3 Coquitlam
R4 NW Knights

9:00 W1 vs W3 Field #7
9:00 R2 vs R1 Field #6
11:15 R2 vs R3 Field #8
11:15 W1 vs W2 Field #7
11:15 R1 vs R4 Field #6
1:30 R3 vs R4 Field #6
1:30 W2 vs W3 Field #7

9:00 R2 vs R4 Field #6
9:00 R1 VS R3 Field #7

END OF POOL PLAY---FINAL STANDINGS IN YOUR POOL WILL NOW DETERMINE YOUR NEW TEAM #---Tie Breakers are as follows: 1) Head to Head 2) Least Runs allowed in 3 pool games 3) Net Runs--(Runs scored minus runs allowed in 3 pool games--MAXIMUM 5 Runs per game (no running up score) 4. Coin Flip

Semi-Final Field #6
11:15 Red Pool #1 Finisher vs White Pool #2 Finisher (Game #1)

Semi-Final Field #7
11:15 Red Pool #2 Finisher vs White Pool #1 Finshers (GAME #2) Field #8

11:15 Red Pool #3 Finisher vs White Pool #3 Finisher (Game #3)

1:30 R4 vs W3---- Field #8 Field #6

1:30 Loser Game #1 vs Loser Game #2--( 3rd & 4th place)

Field #7 1:30 Winner semi-finals---Game #1 vs Winner Semi-final Game #2
Posted Jul 26/11 - Bulls win 2 and lose 2 on weekend

The Bulls travelled to Courtenay where they defeated the Courtenay all-stars in two straight.  The first game was an ugly win by all accounts, with both teams playing "sloppy".  Things settled down in the second game, with the Bulls pulling out a victory.

On Sunday, the Bulls played up a Division and lost two to the Victoria AA Vipers.  Despite the losses the team played well and avoided a mercy in each game.

Posted Jul 18/11 - Smith shines but Surrey prevails
Trevor Smith had his best game of the year, but it wasn't enough to defeat Surrey. Trailing by 9 runs, Smith took the mound and after giving up a first pitch home run, shut the door. He then sparked a 6 run rally. Smith finished the game 2/3 with 2 runs scored and an RBI. Surrey held on for a 12 - 9 victory. The Bulls under achieved this year at the Valley of Champions but hope to improve over the next few weeks. The absence of outfield stalwarts Courtnall and Luis showed said manager Mike Scherr.
Posted Jul 16/11 - Bulls qualify for Bronze medal game
Summer land gave the bulls a run for their money but just couldn't keep up with the Bulls bats. Ryan Scherr led the way with two doubles, two rbi's and a run scored. The Bulls hope to keep their bats hot against Surrey on Sunday.

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When you've played this game for ten years and gone to bat seven-thousand times and gotten two-thousand hits do you know what that really means? It means you've gone zero for five-thousand.
Reggie Jackson 


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