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Posted Aug 31/14 - Welcome Back/Tryouts

Round one of tryouts has offically been completed. Despite the fact that only Enrique, (sort of) Huang, and that one new guy could hit the ball, the day can be considered a success. Fielding was above average for a normal first-day-back, and there seems to be some pitching help on the way this year. Former president Stephen A. Siegel-Smith made a celebrity cameo today (foreshadowing for the rest of the season?), and Stiny is exactly the same as we left him last Spring. It was also encouraging to see multiple returning players heading to the cages after the tryout/practice was completed for some extra work. A couple side notes:

-First off, where the hell was Drew Fox?? Apparently he has no problems finding his way to the Lorenzo--a place, mind you, in which he does not live and a place that is not located near to campus at all--for some inebriated cowboy-themed schmoozing, but has forgetten how to lace up a pair of baseball cleats. Maybe we should have elected him to the show-up-to-practice chair instead of the social chair, as he is clearly taking the latter too seriously.

-Second: Well done Evan Budrovich, who had an 18.7 K/9 IP ratio and a 2.4 WHIP in his first day back as official BP thrower. Not sure if this is a testament to his rigorous offseason weight training and diet program or just an indication that our hitters are rustier than Sawyer's trombone after an offseason filled with junk food, crappy beer (only for our 21+ team members of course), and clearly not baseball.

-Third, great job on the set-up/takedown before and after the tryout. It is very important to leave DeDeaux like we find it, if not in better shape.

-Finally, Drew Tweedy needs to switch allegiances from literally every pro sports team he cheers for. The Yankees?? The Packers??!! Who are you kid. GTFO with that #Lacy4MVP chant you were imposing on Huang and some of the other softspoken members of the team. Advice for the new guys especially, if you hear Tweedy singing the praises of either of these sorry-a**-receiver-like-Crabtree franchises, just ignore him. Do not indulge him in any way.

Overall, great first day. It's good to get everyone back together and prepare for what should be a great fall season. Hopefully we will see even more people at the next practice. In the meantime, the cages should be open in the mornings so partner up and go get some hacks in!!

P.S. Despite his sad and pathetic taste in sports franchises, Drew Tweedy is actually an outstanding guy

P.S.S. Drew Fox will surely more than make up for his abscenses later in the season when it comes time to invite the female club teams to various events

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