Aug 11/20
12:21 pm





Great Britain

Team Ticker:
  • The Pissheads will be playing with a dwindled roster this weekend as Will and Doc are on their own
  • Why do the English think they are better then everyone else?
  • Doc took the train to Conwy and got to see Conway Castle. It was great!
  • I can't wait to go to the Church for Will's B-day in two weeks
  • Catters is going to Prague with his mom...one word..GAY!
Player of the week:
(Sep 8/06)

This is Will's second week in a row to win the award. He clutches up and gets off work Friday early so he and Doc can go on the piss.
Countdown to Friday
(Oct 15/04)

So, it has been almost two years since Doc has written anything here. Mostly because after the cluster**** of drinking that took place from March until December of 2004, he forgot all about it until last night (09/07/06). The last post before this was actually in October 2004. The plan is to use this more as a posting place for those eventsa that take place that are of some interest to my life abnd to the lives of others. We'll see what happens...OUT!

Will is ready for the drinking that will take place. It has been awhile since Will and Doc have been on a piss up together. Will and Doc tend to get along well. I think the drink and the same interests and outlooks play a role. Does that sound gay? Doc's mate Andrew is coming to England and they are going to try and get together for a beer while he is here. It would be great to see a face from home.

Doc is about to embark on his first solo journey into Europe to Wales on Saturday morning. Doc has been feeling a bit run down because of all the drinking in the last little while so he needs to get away and detox for a couple days. He has been on the drink at least once a week since he got here over 7 months ago. He feels it is time to let his liver catch up. Doc is going to his families origins in Conwy. This is one letter away from being Conway, Doc's last name. This letter was probably added a long time ago and it just stuck. He hopes all his family are jealous, although he knows they aren't.

The team has returned from a 5 day road trip. It was a brilliant away stand in Germany. We drank a lot, and in the end, Will, Mark, and Doc ended up with no money and sleeping in the airport. Catters was a sick mess for one day and Doc now has a chest cold. Munich was a great laugh and the Pissheads suggest it to anyone looking for a great great time. Many pictures and 40 minutes of video footage were taken so expect some laughs when you look at it.

We have been a team for about 7 months now and Doc felt it was time for the team to have a place to share what is left of their time together before Doc becomes a free agent. All the nights that we have left will hopefully be put here in the hopes of inspiring others to try and make the most of their time on this earth and accept all challenges the drink puts to them...'AVE IT!

Welcome to the Pissheads team Page. While we don't play a 'recognised' sport, we are athletes. We put our bodies through rigourous training and we test the limits of our bodies against all forms of evil this world can put us through. We drink and party as often as we can in countries around Europe, and soon, when team captain Doc returns home, it will be a world wide test of wills. No, not Will Freeman, the DPH (Designated Piss Head)...


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