Nov 26/21
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Welcome to the UCLA Bruins of RSMLL Home Page.


Due to heavy rain, game for Saturday 3/11 has been cancelled. We now have 3 games to make-up which can start as early as next week. I will keep everyone posted once I know of the schedule.

Players please continue to practice on your own. You do not need a field to practice. You can practice in front of your garage with a tennis ball by throwing the ball against the garage and fielding the rebounded ball. This should be done at a fast pace to keep your reflexes going and also to maintain balance and accurate throwing.

Another drill can be done in the house. Lay back on the floor with a ball in hand with a four seam grip. Throw the ball straight in the air to the ceiling, not touching the ceiling, and catch the ball with the glove hand. When done properly, the rotation of the ball will be clockwise with all four seams in line. Also, the ball can be caught at chest or head level without body movement.

Batting practice will be every Sunday at 3pm. For directions and address please call.

If a player will be absent or late for any reason, the player or parents should call the manager prior to the start of game or practice. The coaching staff spends a lot of effort and time in the planning of each game or practice. If there is no phone call, the coaching staff will assume the player's attendance and if the player is a no show, that player will be held responsible for his actions. If this happens on a routine basis, corrective action will be enforced. It is a league rule, if a player misses 3 games and/or practices in a row the coaching staff needs to report to the Board of Directors for evaluation.

Championships are won with

This year all players will learn about the importance of defense and will feel confident to play any position on the field.


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