Oct 23/20
6:06 am

SPDSA U12G Zingerz



Sherwood Park

Team Ticker:
  • U12G Sherwood Park Zingerz - Silver Medal Champions.
  • Thanks to all who made the year fun for the girls.
  • Best of luck to all the girls moving on to Indoor Soccer in the Fall.
  • It took all 17 players to make our team a TEAM.
  • Congrats to our Zingerz on a fantastic season.
Countdown to the Beginning of Summer
(Jun 29/07)

Welcome to the SPDSA U12G Zingerz Home Page. Home Page and Game Stars updated June 30 at 18:45
************************************************************************ Congrats to our U12G Sherwood Park Zingerz - Silver Medal Champions.
************************************************************************ At the beginning of the season and reinforced at the beginning of the playoffs, we set a goal for ourselves which was to obtain a team medal. After a tough first game in playoffs, we racked up a four game undefeated streak which concluded with a three game winning streak. This resulted in the team obtaining their goal and taking home the Silver medal. Congrats to all the girls for a job well done. The coaching staff couldn't be more proud.
************************************************************************ Our final Game Star of the year goes out to the entire team. All year long we've worked on the "team concept" and asked the girls to give 100% of their ability, recognizing that everyone's ability was different. I believe that was exactly what we got in our final game. Congrats to all of you who deserve this team Game Star.
************************************************************************ One final thank you to Darby's family (MacGriw Enterprises) and to the Molyneaux's (through Whiteridge Jackets) who were able to sponsor our team this season.
************************************************************************ Any questions or comments can be sent to me through the mailbox icon on the left side of the home page. Thanks.


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