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By JC Coleman

  Scouting was introduced in 1910. Scouting was formed by an American businessman who wanted boys to have great experiences. These experiences include camping, hiking, and rank advancement.

  Ever since scouting was created all scouts have camped. Camping promotes self-esteem, friendship, and wilderness survival. It also brought opportunity to scouts whose parents didnt camp or were too ill. Many scouts are eager to camp. Scouts are proud and cheerful to camp.

  Another activity in scouting is hiking. Hiking encourages a healthy lifestyle. Unlike camping, hikes can last from hours to weeks. Most hikes are at least six miles. This is one of scouts favorite activities according to Boys Life, scouting only magazine.

  The last activity is rank advancement. Unlike camping and hiking you have to do stuff inside and outside to become of rank. Merit Badges are required for Star, Life, and Eagle rank. The ranks are Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life, and Eagle. Eagle is the noblest rank among scouts.

  Scouts are still enjoying camping, hiking, and rank advancement. These experiences help many scouts looking for a career. Im proud to be a scout!



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