Apr 5/20
7:24 am





Team Ticker:
  • Zack Slavitsky is named 2007 Rookie of the Year
  • Made it to the finals in 07
The Thunder made it to their first ever finals in 2007. Zach Gould and Zack Slavitsky became known as the Zack Attack. In 2007 Zack Slavitsky joined the Thunder after the release of Joey Kelly. They went untouched into the finals in 07 but were cut down quickly by the Mudcats. They were one game out of winning the division title for the first time.

The Thunder were highly under estimated and the opposing team quickly found out. Zach Gould nearly won the Cy Young Award again but missed it by 2 wins. Zack Slavitsky won the Rookie Of The Year by his ability at the plate and the field. Pitching for the Thunder was the backbone in 07 for the Thunder. Both Zacks dilivered well at the plate and smashed around the opposing teams pitching.

They look to improve in the future like everybody else but they do have the edge over alot of teams. Pitching should remain strong and their hitting will only get better. Look for them in 08 to dominate the regular season and the playoffs.


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