Apr 5/20
7:46 am





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The Threshers in 2007 were the worst team in the league. In 2007 they started off with 3 wins in a row and looked like they turned it around. Then they lost every game from then on. The team was split up after 15 games and the team looked like it was finally heading in the right direction.

Adam Dischert and Brian Eifert had so problems pitching in the past and it continued in 07. Brian Eifert struggled with starting and so did Adam. They hit the ball and actually led the league in team hits but were unable to put teams away. Brian Eifert and Adam Dischert set career highs in hits homeruns and RBI's in 07 but were unable to stick together.

After losing 12 straight the Threshers Brian Eifert was traded to the Mudcats for Mike Zier. After that they lost 5 more games. Mike Zier could bring hope to the team because the threshers lack a power hitter. Mike can even pitch. His control is a little wild but he has a great slider and a curve. His riser is visious and it fools batters alot. With hiss preformance he could turn the team around and get them into the playoff hunt in 08.

Mike Zier is now the face of the franchise and Adam is only getting better. Everybody knows they can hit but their pitching has to hold up the leads they are given.


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