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  • The Tri-Angle is the newsletter of the RDBA College Prep 21u also the youth 12u boys and girls academy teams
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Countdown to Season and Tournament Play
(Oct 1/17)
Posted Dec 13/16 - Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the process of examining, analyzing, questioning, and challenging situations, issues, and information of all kinds.

Its a process of problem and goal identification, Goals of critical thinking- truth, context,alternatives.

These are but a few of the processes within critical thinking, covered within the Lab 1 Classroom the educational wing of the RDBA these lesson points are part of the entire academy institute system, that not only expose the college and high school academy players to the game of basketball but understanding the processes of training and developing skills used within the game.

Posted Nov 13/15 - 18U Boys High School Regulators

Recruiting players for the Regulators RDBA 18U high school pre college prep academy team,it will field a 12 member team player's attend charter school,home school and online GED online courses toward graduation, we will play an independent regional and national schedule.

Posted Nov 13/15 - RDBA 12U Lady Regulators

The RDBA 12u girls prep team is currently recruiting players for the up coming season, practice starts in November.

The girls 12u team will consist of 10 roster position players and will hold practices one day per week during the 2015/16 season with possibly Thursday being a scrimmage day verses other teams each positioned player will be expected to play every game and will learn a position and technical related skills for the game of basketball.

Signup are currently being held email if you have a player interested in joining our program for the up coming season.

Posted Apr 14/14 - NBA Age To Enter

~NBA To Take a Look

The resent storm over should college players get paid or even high school players be allowed to enter the NBA is being discussed the NBA Commissioner said that the age to enter the NBA should possibly be 20 years old which would more in line with the 21st century freedom of opportunity to work if the skills are there why not.   


Welcome to the Regional Development Basketball Academy The Tri-Angle is a news and information online newsletter for the RDBA Regulators basketball teams and academy .

The Tri-Angle will release all organization information pertaining to games tournaments and results but also stats and game summaries on players from all three levels of the academy the college prep 21u players are attempting to to gain college access through schlorship after high school.Core class work must be attained from a local community college the RDBA does not conduct any class room work any potential players must get their classes lined up .

The 12u youth teams are academy program teams of select players developing skills for the junior high level. 



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