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Countdown to Halloween
(Oct 31/14)

Posted Jun 8/14 - SW ATL Spartans DTRT Football Clinic
For boy ages 5-13..our mentoring program will be holding a football clinic free of charge. Want to give these boys something positive to do. This is our way of giving back to the community. They will receive a t-shirt for attending the clinic.
Posted Jun 7/14 - Spartan Code
1. A Spartan pushes their mind and body to their limits. 2. A Spartan masters their emotions. 3. A Spartan learns continuously. 4. A Spartan gives generously. 5. A Spartan leads. 6. A Spartan stands up for what they believe in, no matter the cost. 7. A Spartan knows their flaws as well as they know their strengths. 8. A Spartan proves themselves through actions, not words. 9.A Spartan lives every day as if it were their last. 10. A Spartan will give a 101% each & every time.
Posted Jun 4/14 - PSA III
1. ďItís your job to get me recruited, so why arenít you helping me?Ē This one is hard, we are "amateur" football players and we will help out in anyway we can! But its your responsibility to get film and make the plays to get yourself noticed! We will do our job to push this team as high as we can, BUT we can't do it alone! we need the players to stand tall as well! 2. ď I want more playing timeĒ Coaches know that everyone on the team wants to play every minute of every game. However, itís just not possible. So, work harder and show that you deserve more playing time. But, donít forget that there are other student-athletes on the team who also deserve a chance 3. Tell your coach how to run the team Your coach has been around the sport a lot longer than you have, so give him the credit and respect he deserves. However, your coach canít see everything, especially if you play a large team sport. So, communicate with him, let him know what youíre observing and make suggestions. Just donít assume you know more than your coach! 4. Excuses Telling your coach that something is too hard or that you canít run one more lap is inexcusable. The best athletes push for one more rep, one more minute, one more lap to gain one more moment of glory. Take after the best and just make it happenÖno excuses! 5. ď$&*!Ē You wouldnít swear in front of you grandma, so show your coach and your teammates the same respect. Making it a habit not to swear during practices will make it easier to keep it clean during competitions in which college coaches might be in the stands observing you. 6. Blame your teammates Take responsibility for your faults. Even if an error was someone elseís fault, donít point the finger. Coaches like to see players who are leaders and are respectful to their teammates. 7. ďIím sorry for being lateĒ Instead, donít be late! Simple right?
Posted Jun 4/14 - PSA II
Just wanna put this out here before it becomes a thought!!! Just because I know you, played with or against you DOES NOT..I REPEAT DOES NOT means I'm gon let you slide on anything!!! You will be held accountable just like the rest of the 40+ players, coaches, & staff..if I feel as if you tryna get over on me I'm gon KICK YOU OFF THIS TEAM quicker than INSTANT GRITS!! Try it if you want I said before my team will not be like any other team you played for or against! I'm gon do my best to have my team A1 but, I'll respect if you can understand what I'm tryna do & get at..other than that we're coming soon ‪#‎APDFL2015‬
Posted Jun 2/14 - PSA
Future Spartan players this team isn't for everyone. If your page is full of negativity then you must be also; that is NOT the kind of player we're looking for. We are looking for hungry ball players. Now to be fair, you don't have to be hungry, it would be bad of me to decline talent for not believing, but you must respect that we want those type & you must be coachable. But as for the aforementioned, we won't tolerate it. It's better to just not even try. Cause you would be cut. We understand slip ups, but if all that we see, hear, or feel is negativity you'll be gone.... WE WILL NOT BE ANY OTHER TEAM OUT THERE.. WE WILL STAND ALONE & ON TOP! The awesome coaching staff that we're going to have WILL PRODUCE AMAZING, RAW TALENT BY THE COACHABLE PLAYERS THAT WE'LL GET. We will be a VERY STRONG CONTENDER. People will notice and people will respect us! - Coach Finch
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