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Welcome to the Smallball Troopers Home Page. (Created 12/27/05)

SmallBall Troops Guide
In this guide, you will find the rules and mission statements, compiled by the SBT leaders.

The SmallBall Troops Mission

Our Mission
The SmallBall Troopers (SBT) mission, is to try and help beginners, and experts for that matter, with their SmallBall teams from the clan. Not only will be helping members from the SBT clan, we will also help other members, who aren't in the clan, but would be in need of advice. SBT will try to provide the best advice to give to other trainers in hope of reaching their full potential in their SmallBall career.

Our Look on the Clan
We hope, that the members that join the clan, will be helpful and make a positive impact on the whole of the SmallBall community. We will try our best to grow and become more expeirenced in the 'art' of SmallBall, to give advice to others.

The Clans Values

SBT will be accepting members at all times. But there are 'conditions,' I guess you could say, to join us. Firstly, when applying to join us, you will be takin into a vote, where the current clan members, vote on whether or not, you deserve to be in the clan. The majority of the clans votes, must be positive, meaning, that you will be able to get in. To complete our mission statement, we believe these values are what will help us complete that:

Respect: Every member who would like to join, needs to have respect for others and their feelings. If the applier for the clan has no self-respect for him/herself, and others, they won't be allowed in the clan. Also, the member would most likely have to be respected by the SmallBall community.

Trust: Each member/clan member should be trustworthy. Reliable, dependable, and so on. The member can leave the clan if they wish, but only with trust, and respect, will they be missed by the whole of the community.

Fairness: All members must play by the rules, and never step down to low standards (play cheaply), just to win a prize, or respect for that matter.

Commitment: All clan members must be dedicated to SmallBall. You can be a permant, or regular team owner, but, if you join the clan, just for the sake of it, there's a chance you will be voted out of the clan, possibly for good.

Well, hopefully this guide helps alot of you out, and about joining us. Hopefully we will see some of about at SBT community, and helping others about the SmallBall community.


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