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  • Quotes to Remember:
  • "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take." - Wayne Gretzky
  • "When we've got the puck, they can't score." - Paul Coffey
  • "You've got to go to the net if you want to score." - Tom McVie
  • "Success does not come by wishing and hoping, but by hard work and enthusiasm." - Unknown
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*** NOTICE ***


You guys did great. I am proud to be your coach.

I look forward to the up coming season. We will get those guys then. You all are a great team. We'll show everyone at the tournament how well we play as a team. See you all at our 1st practice.

Coach Todd

Question 1: What does the 1st man down the ice do?

Answer: Separate the puck from the player.

Question 2: What does the 2nd man down the ice do?

Answer: Support the puck (Be ready for a pass or If the player with the puck gets away from the 1st player down the ice separate the puck from that player.)

Question 3: What does the 3rd man down the ice do?

Answer: Go to the net...Go directly to the net...Do not pass go... Do not collect $200!


Hockey Room

As I enter the room,

I smell sweat.

Everybody is talking and yelling,

As I wait for the ice to be ready.

I put on my hockey pads,

And leave the room.

I put my foot on the ice and move,

I feel as if nobody can catch me.

I feel as if I can fly.

The sound of a loud whistle blows in my ear.

This is the sport I love.

I dedicate my life to it.

Every night in the rink,

Is the best feeling of all.

I eat, breathe and sleep ice hockey.

After the fun, back in the locker room,

I want to get out of there as soon as possible.

It smells really bad after practice.

Kylie Niemand

Age 12

Lexington, Mass.

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