Nov 26/20
1:02 pm

South End Jets




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Countdown to Jets FIRST playoff game
(Apr 30/22)

The Jets are back in town and we get to go (thanks to Marcel).

Info from TrueNorth


  • tickets for exhibition games will be mailed during the week of Sept 6th
  • regular season ticket packages will be sent by courier during the week of Oct 3
  • any season ticket holder found reselling their Winnipeg Jets tickets through illegal online platforms will have their season tickets revoked without refund (don't expect this to be problem but worth noting True North has some leverage)

Ticket Distribution
When Marcel and Rick receive the tickets, we will get together and break into game pairs.  Rick will pass on ticket to Sandy & Lorne and Chris & Will.  Marcel will pass on to Heather & Dwayne.

Please review the schedule to make sure it matches your records.  If there are any errors, please email Rick

Draft Order
Draft Order Name Year picked 1st
1 Rick 2011-2012
2 Dwayne 2012-2013
3 Sandy 2013-2014
4 Marcel 2014-2015
5 Chris 2015-2016



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