Nov 27/20
2:12 am

Strathcona Midget T3 Warriors



Sherwood Park

Team Ticker:
  • After a slow start this year...
  • I thought the team improved immensely in 2010.
  • Thanks to our Captain and Assistants for being true team leaders.
  • Thanks to our goalies for keeping us in games.
  • We will look forward to our year end wrap up in late May.
Countdown to Coaches Game at Ardrossan
(Mar 12/10)

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With our final practice behind us, Midget 3 has officially wrapped up the season.  A special thanks to all who collected jerseys, picked up pucks, brought players to the rink, took players home from the rink, or just got their own kids to and from the rink.

Special thanks goes out to Dave, Rod, Glenn, Gerard, Deb, and Marilyn who put in a lot of extra effort behind the scenes.  Apologies to those that I have missed.

Congrats to Devin who clocked 80 mph on the radar gun and to all for a fun wrap up to the year.  Congrats also to Ryan Smith for being on top of the scoring race at the end of the year.

The coaches game goes on Fri., Mar. 12 at ARD at 7:15 pm.  I invite the boys to come out and watch how the game should really be played.

The SMHA AGM goes on Mon., Mar. 22 at the ARD Memorial Hall at 6:30 pm.  This is your chance to come out and make a difference in our Association.

Finally, the Coach and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and Dance goes on Sat., Apr. 10 at 6 pm.  Tickets are only $15.00 and, with any luck, one of the boys can drive us all home.

Please call me to make arrangements to drop off your washed jerseys if I don't have them yet.  Thanks to those of you who brought them in at the last practice.

Congrats to the boys on their 60 second pool earnings this year which was paid out at the last practice.  My understanding is that all of the players will be putting the money into their College funds.

The picture proofs and order forms were handed out on Wednesday also.

We will wrap the year up in late May (looks like the 29th) by having the boys, siblings, and parents go paintballing.  More to come on this in the future.  Hopefully no one will be in jail by then.:-)

We will update the bank account with final expenses.  We have a chunk of change left in the bank this year due to the fact that we never took the bus that we had possibly planned on.  Once we have a final balance, refund cheques will be sent out to all parents.

I would like to thank Rod Smith and his company Belfor for stepping up with a Sponsorship for our team.  I would also like to thank Brad Swiniarski and his company Epcor for giving us a hand this year.  Finally, I would like to thank Gerard Landry and his company River City Construction for sponsoring our team.

If anyone has any questions, please click on the mail icon on the left side and send me a note.




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