Oct 19/20
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Seminoles Baseball



Chicago, Scottsdale


Team Ticker:
  • Noles take a tough loss in Playoffs 4 to 2 to the Mariners
Countdown to Arizona MSBL World Series
(Oct 25/09)

Welcome to the Seminoles Baseball Club Website

  The Seminoles Baseball Club is a non-for-profit organization set up to provide highly competitive baseball at all ages. From 10-40 years old. We are an "equal-opportunity" club that provides a place for baseball players to play, learn and excel at every possible level. The Seminole Baseball Club was set up to provide professional instruction for young players to learn the right way to play baseball with professionalism, integrity and character. All of our coaches have professional experience and know how to play the game the right way and look forward to showing young players who are willing to learn and be coached to playing at the highest level they can get too. We cover all aspects of the sport from the actual game part of baseball to strength and conditioning as well as taking proper care of their arms and bodies and nutrition. 
  Our adult players consist of current independent players that continue to pursue the dream of playing in the MLB, ex-MLB players who still enjoy playing the game, college players trying to stay sharp in the off-season and ex-college players that just love the game. 
  All of our teams travel the country to play in national tournaments and world series. The Seminoles Baseball Club is funded by team membership fees, Team fund-raisers and private or corporate sponsorship. The costs of playing travel baseball is large sometimes. What we try to do is provide a way for players to be able to play travel baseball no matter what financial situation their family is in. One out-of-state tournament can cost on player up too $1000. Our goal is to raise the money so players are able to experience travel baseball and at the same time get the best coaching and tutoring to help them become stellar players. 


  Going back 10 years ago the Chicago Seminoles were started up by Mike Cibelli in the men's leagues around the chicagoland area. In that time the team has one numerous league titles, national tournaments as well as a World Series Championship. Through the success of the of the Men's team Mike and a friend, Kevin Bay-Andersen, deceided to take their love and knowledge of the game and the success of the Seminoles to branch out and start competitive teams for young players. Starting out in Arizona the Seminole Baseball Club was born. Mike is a former college baseball player with years of experience in teaching young players as a instructor at an Illinois Baseball School and Kevin, an ex-professional football player as well as college baseball player and was drafted out of National Powerhouse Triton Community College, has over 7 years of experience as a strength and sports performance trainer for professional, college and high school athletes. 

Record since 2005 in League Play and Tournaments 159-31

Some of our team achievements include:
2008 MSBL World Series, National Champions (9-0 record)
2008 Chicago North MSBL League Champs
2007, 2005 Las Vegas National Kickoff Classic Champion
2009, 2008 Windy City Classic Champions

2009, 2007, 2006  Las Vegas National Kickoff Classic Runner-up
4x National Final Four

The Seminole Baseball Club has a goal to make all our young players reach their potential and contribute to their high school teams and excel in every aspect of the game.  Our rosters are made up by a try-out basis and have 12-13 players per age group. Of course playing time is based on talent, work ethic and determination that the player displays. 
We strive to provide "equal opportunity" for the optimal envionrment, training and instruction for all players to strive to become the best players and men they can possibly be. We will use competitive baseball as a tool to mold players to have integrity, sportsmanship and character as well as being and becoming a skilled and accomplished baseball player. 



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