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  • Welcome to the home of the RCH United
  • We are a U18 Select Team playing in the Gold 2 division of the 4Districts
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This is the Home Page for the RCH United.



We are a Gold select team playing in the U18 - 4District league, representing Richmond City.



Please check back here often for important updates.




October 5th, 2010 -- The New Thanksgiving Tournament Schedule is not own the web site.   Our Schedule has been updated.  Please advise ASAP if you cannot attend any of the games.  All game will be on Turf  at Minoru Oval...bring out the spectators!




October 2nd, 2010

Stay tuned for details of the Thanksgiving tournament.    Please advise coaches ASAP if you will be away for the long weekend.

September 13, 2010

Please note, the field for Saturday's game (Sept 18) has changed. We are now at Confederation Oval in Burnaby.  Please see the fields tab for a link.



 September 10, 2010:  Welcome to the new season.    Our first game will be coming up soon, and if we have any shutter bug parents out there, send your photos in and we will post them to the web site.




All Practices:  Shin Guards, Soccer Socks and Cleats are is water!



The boys will be tired and sore in the beginning.   If it is just muscle soreness, they can work though it, with healthy nutrition, plenty of rest, lots of fluids and proper stretching.   If they have injuries, then it is likely that they will have to refrain from impact training....and in some cases, stop physical actvity all together.  Please speak to me to address any injury concerns.






SLEEP!  The boys need more rest for their bodies to recover from the stresses they are putting them through.   Especially on game nights. 



As you are probably already aware, your muscles do not actually regenerate while you are working out. Rather, they grow while you are eating and resting.



The time that you spend sleeping is one of the primary periods where the recovery and remodelling of damaged muscle tissue takes place. Not only do your muscles require recovery time, but your central nervous system, joints and immune system need rest too.










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