Oct 25/20
6:51 pm

Rum Runners




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Player of the game:
(May 16/06)
Richard Forbes

Forbes finally got his first at bat of the season, and started off with a single, and went on to hit 2 singles, a double and reach base all 4 at-bats. GREAATT job Richard
(Aug 18/07)
After their innaugural season the Rum Runners look to have gained some experience as to what this established and respected league is all about. They finished 7-9 overall, much lower than they anticipated. With a star studded lineup that includes former Coquitlam All-Star and Home Run Hitter....Blake Hurdle
former All-Canadian in virtually every sport until the age of 15 including Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball and Track and Field. Known as Buchmann to his friends and Bergy to his fans...Brent Bergman
head instructor of Phil's Power Play and past 50 goal scorer for Coquitlam hockey, and the best damn short lefty in Coquitlam Little League...David Blake
Former Western Canadian Baseball Champion and provincial qualifier for high school Volleyball, along with being an exceptional golfer...Richard Forbes
Coming back for his second year of baseball in his life...and showing signs of improvement everyday...this guy isnt just the brand new manager..he's also becoming one of the most relied upon hitters in the bottom part of the Rum Runners lineup...Jay Single

Next Rum Runner player be continued.

The Rum Runners have begun their inaugural Orthodox season, which is also year 1 of the soon to be DYNASTY. The team is composed of a collection of former and current all-star baseball players. This team is looking to ablitherate all their opponents, while getting ablitherated themselves in the form of excessive drinking. The motto is to have fun while winning. Sportsmanship is a top priority for the Rum Runners, as we greatly respect all of our opponents, regardless of the score in the game.


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