Oct 22/20
10:24 pm

Roanoke Rampage




Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the Roanoke Rampage
  • Practice Wednesday night from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Hidden Valley High School.
  • Congratulations to all for a successful first tournament! It's great to be playing basketball again!
Countdown to Hidden Valley East
(Apr 11/09)

Welcome to the Roanoke Rampage New Home Page.

What a great start to our season!  The Rampage Blue are the March Mayhem Champions and the Rampage White showed great improvement during the tournament.  The coaches feel both teams played hard and learned a lot about what to expect in these tournaments as well as learning more about each other as a team.  The coaches also learned a lot from both teams as to how the players respond in pressure situations and have a better understanding of everyone's game and what we really need to work on to keep both teams improving.

As we kick off our 2009 campaign, I want all to remember to never be afraid to make a mistake.  The best in all professions make mistakes and everyone needs to understand that you need to learn from these mistakes to make yourself better.  I want everyone to play basketball and not worry that you will be taken out of the game because you made a mistake. 

As long as everyone gives us their best, we will be successful win or lose!

Please bring some extra socks and plan on changing your socks to keep your feet dry as much as possible.  Blisters hurt!!!

"Basketball is like photography, if you do not focus, all you  get is the negative".

This website will be our main source for information on team issues, practice and upcoming tournaments, so visit it regularly or daily.


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