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  • You might ask us. Is this is A joke?
  • We reply no of course not.
  • Then you might say, seriously is this a joke?
  • No its not can you stop asking us that.
  • If you don't like us swearing in your face. Then get the fuck out of Galvin.
Player of the year:
(Dec 31/10)

Words can't describe how much Eric Jones has helped the Rattlesnakes. He has a bitch named Louise.
Countdown to Game 4 of World Series
(Jun 13/05)

In the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln, "****the Spurs and ****the sophmores. If you sophmores are to pussey to show up then we will get the army of the north and attack you guys. Starting with C$" Not really sure if anyone checks this anymore, but we should definately play some baseball sometime soon. I was re-reading all of this stuff, I seriously laugh at everything it's so funny. The message board with the topic: What's going on with Eric and Amanda? lol. This has to be one of the greatest websites and teams of all time (and I don't think me saying that is a stretch by any means).

Let me tell you all a story about the Rattlesnakes began. It all begins in high school, we were all juniors (with the exception of the Johns) at the brink of the end of school year looking for something fun to do. When it hit us...Y don't we form a boy band and call ourselves
The SEX U RIGHTS, but that dream deflated faster than Dan's tires at Matt Kahns. Y did our dream sink into the proverbeal gutter, well (short answer) Eric wasn't good looking enough. (Sure all boy bands have people like Joey Fatone that don't look good but if Eric was in, trust me no lady would pay to see us. Anyway we all bounced ideas off one another and said "we all are semi decent at sports maybe we should create a baseball team and join a league." To the dismay of our competion we did just that and assembled the greatest team in history.

The Rattlesnakes jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the World Series against an overmatched sophomore team. The sophomores do not have the talent or the desire to even stand a chance in game 4 which will be played Sunday June 5th, at 2 o' clock at Galvin Park. The game is expected to be sold out.

On May 24th, Rattlesnakes baseball and the entire Galvin Park League were awestruck as former MVP Jason Giambi made a special appearance as a member of Emanski's Finest. The former MVP made the appearance amid rumors of a possible demotion to the minor leagues, he was only in the GPL for a one game stay but his star power had the fans clammoring for seats. Though now back with the Yankees of New York the former MVP reflected lovingly on his stay in the GPL, "It's really a great league, and the talent level is far above MLB, I would have loved to stay but the money is just to good."

Welcome to the show John Richards! In his first big league game the 34 year old rookie had his first career grand slam, and played a stellar game in the field. Congratulations John on a job well done.

Where You at sophmores, Lets play some ball!! I mean I understand that you guys have real games with umpires and coaches, but honestly which is more important. It is this reason why Emanski hasn't won and won't win any games. For us (except for Alex and Dan) there is no other team. We give up our blood, sweat, and any chance of ever getting a girlfriend into this team. So get KY, Coonie, and any former MVP you want (I heard Kevin Mitchell is looking for some team to play and manage, I promise our team won't steal his signs) it won't matter. The sophmores are too commercial we play for the love of the game, we don't need shoe deals or signing bonuses we do it for the kids.
Baby Got Back (I Like Big Butts) - Sir Mix A Lot


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