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Countdown to Christmas
(Dec 25/08)

ROSTER: Mike Nowroozi TEAM: Waubonsie Valley Warriors and PTP team Nickname: $MoneyMike$, MonayMustang, THe punisher, THe master of Disaster Rugby status: Competed in Local playoffs Poistion: Strong side Wing AGE: 16 Height: 5.10 Weight: 168(dec 2005) Income: wealthy. Sex: Male asperation: money and sex Andrew Vancura TEAM: PTP womens team Nickname: Vanburan, vandushe, van****, jackasoras Rugby status: good ball handler.. Poistion: up the ass...or week side Wing will work AGE: 15 Height: N/A Weight: N/A Income: poor dirty. Sex: Female asperation: jacking off in the little girls restroom at school Robert(Bobby) Paviliga TEAM: PTP team Nickname: Boblob, The Lob, Cap'n Jack Rugby status: Has incredible experience in laterals as a QB Poistion: Full Back/ Wing or the Hooker (actual position) AGE: 15 Height: N/A Weight: N/A Income: teachers salary Sex: Male asperation: Mr. Skins and still not wiping that ass

Kevin Bones TEAM: PTP team Nickname: Bones, Bonner, The BoneChipper Rugby status: has experience in facial pain and braking of teeth Poistion: Half back/Full back AGE: 15 Height: N/A Weight: N/A Income: medium Sex: Male asperation: being average at life Brian Gregory TEAM: PTP team Nickname: Cousin BG, B.G, The Philosopher Rugby status: Extreme athletic skill in all sports Poistion: scrum half AGE: 18 Height: N/A Weight: N/A Income: Rich bitch Sex: Male asperation: TOCCAR LA TRUMPETO Tony (Last name N/A) TEAM: PTP team Nickname: The Jew Rugby status: Huge upper body strength gives him the edge on competitors Poistion: Stand off (actual position) AGE: 16 Height: N/A Weight: N/A Income: RICH JEW MONEY Sex: Male asperation: Not showing up to games very often Joe Gregory TEAM: PTP team Nickname: Joebear, The Bear, El OSO, AeROsmith, cousin OZZ Rugby status: Big mother fucker, very intimidating Poistion: Loose lock area AGE: 15 Height: N/A Weight: N/A Income: RICH Sex: Male asperation: WANTS TO ROCK! Matt Martans TEAM: CENTRAL WARRIORS TEAM, and PTP team Nickname: Marty, Ginger Titts, Ginge, The Titts, EL TITTIES, THe Gras, MArtyGras, FireCrouch...(to be continued) Rugby status: Fat ass fuck, could kill a wild bull with his ginger size and ginger smell Poistion: any position for fatties AGE: 15 Height: N/A Weight: ... Income: well feeding tits that size cost alot so ill say RICH Sex: Male asperation: slow reaction speed Derek Temple TEAM: PTP team Nickname: Templeton, Derekson, The long john Rugby status: Fastest ****u will ever meet Poistion: Wing AGE: 15 Height: N/A Weight: N/A Income: on the rich side Sex: Male asperation: likes guitar queero Michael Paviliga TEAM: PTP kids team Nickname: Pavs, P FUnk, The Text taker, Shmikeys Rugby status: small usless at tackling Poistion: ...idk AGE: 15 Height: short Weight: fat Income: Pop's money and anything else he can steal Sex: Female (the hair gives it away) asperation: Being marvelously homosexual


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