Sep 23/20
1:28 pm

Presson Wallyball



Nisku Recreation Centre
Nisku, AB

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(Jun 21/06)
Welcome to the Presson Wallyball Home Page.

Presson Wallyball Basic Rules

The general concepts of wallyball are very similar to indoor volleyball. Play consists of one team serving the ball from a marked area within 3 feet from their sides back wall over the net where the ball must be returned with a bump or closed fist on the initial hit off the serve by the opposing team. The opposing team then has 2 more hits to get the ball back over the net to the serving team. Then play goes back and forth with each side getting 3 hits (not including tipped blocks) to get the ball across the net to the other team. If the ball touches the floor, contacts 2 walls as it crosses the net or hits the back wall of the opposing teams side, play comes to an end and either a point or a change in serve occurs (side-out).
This is the very basic concept of the game. If there are any questions regarding the rules of Wallyball please feel free to contact Robert McEachern or Gurcharn Bhui or go to the links section of the web page and click on Detailed Wallyball Rules.


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