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Capital Sports Club-Ball Hockey




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- Our goal is to HAVE FUN!
- All skill levels of floor hockey and ball hockey players are welcome in our mixed adult group. From beginner to experienced players.
- We do not allow any body contact or high sticks. If you want to be a whiny goon, go somewhere else because this club is not for you!
- We play as a mixed club with guys and girls playing as equals. We do not require a certain ratio of guys/girls on the floor at all times.
- We do not keep score.
- We pick teams each night at random. This way, everybody eventually gets a chance to play with everyone else. Because of the random teams each night, we ask that everybody bring a Black shirt and a White shirt.
- In the gymnasiums, you can bring any kind of hockey stick you want as long as there is no black tape on the blades. (Wooden blades, plastic blades, whatever.)
- Bring your own Equipment. We recommend shin pads, and cups for sure. Some people choose to wear knee and elbow pads, eye protection, and gloves. You are responsible for your own protection. There is no insurance if you get hurt.
- Everyone who wishes to play must sign a waiver. Please get these from Shawn or Dave before the game.
- If you have a friend who wants to play, please e-mail the club to let us know which night they are interested in playing. We will make sure that there is room that night for spares.
- If you are a regular player and cannot make it for a game, please e-mail us to let us know to replace you for that night. You can also call 738-7962, (Shawn at home), or 867-1010 after 6:00pm, (Shawn's Cell)

The next Season will start on Sunday Mar 19, 2006 and will be at Heron Road Community center 1480 Heron Rd. See "Rinks" for directions. From 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM.
-10 games and costs are as follows:

$7 - 2 hr game
$65 - for 10 games (Must be paid by March 19)
Goalies play for free

Please let us know if you and any of your friends want to play and we will require payment no later than March 19.You can play per game if you wish but that may not guarantee a spot if we have a lot of interest.

Any questions send us an e-mail


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