Jul 15/20
11:13 am

Old Scona Olympians
"This is our Year"




Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the Old Scona Olympians
  • Old Scona students are invited to scrimmage every Friday from 3:45-6:00 at Kinsmen
  • The Olympians are led by captains Mustafa Babadagli and Peter Iglinski this year
  • Coaches are Aaron, Vlad, Mike and Matt
  • Inter claim first scrimmage over Inter 3-1
Countdown to Christmas
(Dec 25/07)
All potential players may attend Friday scrimmages after school from 3:45-6:00. They will be held until snow falls.

In a very well played scrimmage between the Olympians tryalists and the Inter U-14 Silver Boys team, OSA came away with a narrow 3-1 victory. Scoring was striker Eric Epp twice and captain Mustafa Babadagli. OSA used their size advantage well, but they were outplayed skill and passing-wise. After going down 2-0, Inter capitalized on a corner as the ball was passed to defender Marco Saporito who chipped one over the keeper. Epp, though, put it away in the dying seconds with his own chip that made its way over Inter's keeper, just graving the bottom of the woodwork. All players on Inter played well, as a number burned the Olympians players badly.

Look for an article on the 2008 team in the upcoming and new Old Scona magazine. A season preview will be written by Emerson Csorba, and he will follow up with a number of articles.


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