Apr 9/20
5:29 pm

5 Time Wiffleball World Series Champions




Team Ticker:
  • The Mudcats are 2007 Lake Area Wiffleball World Series
  • Brian Romani won world series MVP ,and League MVP, Cy Young Award,Triple Crown
  • Brian Eifert was awarded the silver slugger award and batting title
  • 5 IN A ROW (03,04,05,06,07)
The Mudcats went through some changes during the 2007 season. First was release of Todd Grover. After 5 games he was batting .244 with 2 RBI's and 1 homerun. Mike Zier was picked up and played 8 games with the Mudcats. With his new team Mike hit 12 homeruns and had 14 RBI's. Then the Mudcats lost 4 straight games and Mike was hitting below .300 in those 4 games. He was traded to the Threshers for Brian Eifert who quickly learned how to win. He hit in the clutch every game he played with Mudcats and finished the year off by winning the Silver Slugger Award and the Batting Title.

The Mudcats went on into the playoffs and lost their first game to the Thunder 1-0. Zach Gould tossed a no hitter against the Mudcats but the mudcats dominated the rest of the playoffs. Brian Romani and Brian Eifert played the Thunder in the finals sweeping them in 2 games. Even though they had lost their first playoff game in team history they were able to secure their 5th straight Wiffleball World Series Title in 5 years. The dynasty lives on in the lake area.

The Fall Classic is coming soon and the Mudcats look to make it 4 fall classic wins in a row. Last year Brian Romani and Todd Grover swept the Lookouts in 4 games. Brian Romani hit 5 homers and drove in 14 RBI's. Todd Grover saved every game making him the all time save leader in lake area wiffleball history. In 2007 Brian Romani will have a better hitting player and fielder. Brian Eifert should look to continue dominace for the Fall Classic.


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