Nov 29/22
9:21 am

Mt Si Wildcats



North Bend


Mt Si Wildcats

The goals of the Boys and Girls Wildcat Travel Basketball program is to further the development of youth into ambitious, committed athletes. This program will not only teach young men and women the skills they need to contend at a competitive level, but also to provide them with the confidence, commitment, teamwork and experience they will need to accomplish many of lifes difficult challenges.


The boys teams are members of 2 different leagues: Eastside Travel League (5-8) and Cascade League (5-8). The girls teams play in the PSTL - the Puget Sound Travel League (5-8) and a newly formed Cascade League (5-8). Teams may play in home games, away games, and tournament/jamboree games. Home games take place in gyms within the Snoqualmie Valley, usually the High School or one of the Middle Schools. Away games, depending on the league, take place in the Seattle and Eastside regions. Regular season games fall on weekends, and a few tourney games may fall on weekdays during school breaks.


Give 100% effort in all practices and games. If we hustle and try our best and still come up on the short end of the score, then no problem well stay positive and work on the areas that need improving.


Remember we are ALL role models!

Be more concerned with your character rather than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are


-John Wooden



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