Apr 7/20
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Mountain Top Stadium




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  • Welcome to the brand new home of Mountain Top Stadium!!!!!!!
  • Spring Training Starts in Febuary
Countdown to Players report to Camp
(Feb 1/12)

 Mountain Top Stadium... Partnership with the MMWiffle Ball League 


WERE BACK!!!! 2012 Spring Training was announced Friday to start on the first day of Febuary. We will be hosting training through Febuary until some official spring training games will happen in March . Opening day will be roughly in midmarch so get your wiffle balls out of the box because we are getting set for a great year with improved fields, new players, and lots of wiffle ball.


***This is the contract you are required to sign to participate in MMWiffleball. If even one of these rules or requirements dont fit you then MMWiffle Ball is not right for you.

Mountain Top Stadium is in a partnership with the MMWiffle competitive wiffle ball league. Playing wiffle ball is not only very enjoyable but in paticular, MMWiffle is competitive. If you want to come and expect to screw around and not participate or not put a reasonable amount of effort in to the game when neccessary, you will be asked to exit the park. Because of this rule, certain players will be asked to exit the park for some time. The time off can vary from the rest of the day to forever. One other rule is no matter the skill level of a player is not the problem of anyone else and will not be recognized in such matter. You will be asked to exit the park only under Matt Woerner's instruction. If the player refuses to leave or comes back to the premises, you will immediatly be kicked out of the league for at least a week under Matt Woerner's instruction. If a player either attempts or does break or hurt property of Mountain Top Stadium or personal property of players will be kicked out of the league for at least a year under Matt Woerner's instruction. Other common sense rules do apply, you know who you are......

I, ____________ understand the rules and agreements of this contract.


 PLEASE check out the facebook page for Mountain Top and become a fan. Thank You




There reallly is no reason why I call my stadium Mountain Top Stadium it just sounded cool, and there isnt a single mountain within miles of my house, but who cares, its an awesome name.


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