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Posted Jul 23/14 - Pending Games - Week of 7/21/14

Dearborn Tournament: Note that we have a game Friday the 25th at 12pm at Dearborn High School  (show-up time is 11:15am. Looks like we will just barely make it with enough players for Friday 12:00pm so far!

We are in the “C” Division.


Friday, July 25 – Dearborn High School

12:00pm game time; 11:15am show-up time (Davison Baseball vs Michigan Thunder)


Saturday, July 26th  - Dearborn High School

10:00am game time; 9:15am show-up time (North Oakland Warriors vs Michigan Thunder)


Sunday, July 27th  - Dearborn High School (which game depends on how we and the other teams did Friday and Saturday in our division)

9:00am                 2nd place B vs. 2nd place C – Dearborn High School

11:00am               3rd place B vs. 3rd place C – Dearborn High School

1:00 pm                Semifinal Game 1 – Winner of Pool A vs. Winner of Pool C –Dearborn High School

3:00 pm                Semifinal Game 2 – Winner of Pool B vs. 2nd Place team in Pool A –Dearborn High School

5:30pm                CHAMPIONSHIP – Winner of Semifinal 1 vs. Winner of Semifinal 2 – Dearborn High School

Please let Coach Tim or I know if there are any questions or if rides are needed.


Thank you!

Coach Tim and Coach Mariana

Posted Jul 22/14 - Tuesday, July 22nd Game

Next Game: Plymouth Wildcats at the Plymouth High School Varsity Field

Date:  Tuesday, July 22nd

Time: 6:00pm game time; 5:15pm show-up time

Posted Jul 18/14 - Romeo Tournament - July 19th and July 20th!!

Romeo this weekend: Note the correction regarding Sunday game times!

Location – Romeo HS 11091 32 Mile


Saturday, July 19th –       

2pm Game Time: Show-up time is 1:15pm. (However, I’ll be there at 1pm if you want extra hitting drills.

4:30pm Game Time (if you missed the first game, show-up time is 3:45pm so we can have someone warm up with you when they are not on the field during the game)

Sunday, July 20th         

9:00am Game Time; Show-up time is 8:15am (or, if you can be early at 8:00am for extra bat drills; yes, you have to get up early and no cartoons)

Depending on rankings, one or the other:

Consolation Game at 11:30am Game Time; Show-up time is 10:45am (or if you can be early at 10:30am for extra bat drills)


Championship game at 2:00pm Game Time; Show-up time is 1:15pm (and again I’ll be there earlier for hitting drills if you can be early) –

Go Thunder!!

Posted Jul 15/14 - Thursday July 17th - Game On in St Clair Shores!

We won! Good job teamcool!! Game result was 5-to-2. Excellent pitching by Tyler Younes (ND) and Seth Padgett (the win). The team's James May and sub Christian Fallon turned a crucial double-play. We are seeing batting improvements, and we appreciate players showing early for batting work.

Go Thunder!


Posted Jul 15/14 - Canada Tonight!

Tuesday, July 15th - 9-inning game at Walker Homesites Park in Canada; 6pm start with a 5:15 show. Go Thunder!


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