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  • Welcome to the new home of the Juan De Fuca Grizzlies
  • Grizzlies Win their First game this season
  • Grizzlies Loose 2nd Stright
  • Grizzlies Finishes 3rd in Kelowna Tourney
  • Grizzlies Loose to KPI 4-2
Player of the game:
(Nov 22/08)
Brad Dick

Brad Dick was name player of the game with a solid 3 points and tons of scoreing chance Brad had a huge impact this game and the club is glad to have him back
Countdown to Grizzlies Next Home Game
(Nov 30/08)


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Welcome to the Juan De Fuca Grizzlies New Home Page.

Grizzlies Get there first win on the road

The Victoria Grizzlies went into VRC looking for there first win this seasons, and they did the Grizzlies won there first of the season over VRC 5-2 which was one of the best games that the club has ever played grizzlies next game is next weekand when the Grizzlies take on Triport.

Grizzlies Loose 2nd Stright

The JDF Grizzlies lost there second stright at home looseing to the Alberni Valley Bulldogs 5-1 the grizzlies didn't come prepared and got into there usally penalty trouble which cost them 4 of Albernies goal were scored on the power play. Grizzlies are going on the road, games with VRC and then return home to play Tri Port Nov 30

Forward Line Brad Robinson, Craig King and Nick White celebrate Goal scored by Brad Robinson and there only goal in a 5-1 loss to Poco



Midget B players were on-the-road in the B.C. Interior over the Remembrance Day weekend in Westbank at the Westside Tournament.

Coaches were pleased with the players effort and hustle in many of the games played at the Royal Lepage Arena, home of the Westside Warriors and the first tournament test for this squad. The team was a little short-staffed with an injury, holidays and football competing over this long weekend; however, a determined (15) players made the trip and accepted being moved into different roles as injuries, fatigue and penalties changed the pattern of a few of our games.

Grizzlies dominated the Spokane Jr. Chiefs in the first game until a lapse in the 3rd period almost cost them the first game; however, steady goaltending and re-focusing brought home the win. The Spokane Jr. Chiefs Coaching Staff commented "That was a very fast paced, clean well played game by your boys!" Later that evening, the second game started out well as the Grizzlies played hard against a large Port Coquitlam Pirates squad. Obvious to the coaches was some fatigue leading to some breakdowns. Again excellent goaltending kept the game reasonably close. The next morning the Grizzlies were on the ice early (not as early as our Midget A Team) and a well played game brought home our players a second win over the Westside Warriors. That meant our Grizzlies were 2-2 and placed 2nd in Round Robin play, with a semi-final playoff the next morning at the Jim Lind Arena against Westside. Unfortunatley, the tournament ended on a sour note as multiple penalties assessed put the Grizzlies on a permanent penalty kill for much of the first and second period. The loss was dissappointing for all involved as most players and parents had hoped to need the next night at the beautiful Cove Resort on the lake in Westbank.

Many thanks to the players for their hard efforts on the rink and the good behaviour off the ice in the hotel. Thanks to the Parents who brought their players all the way to the Interior for our Grizzlies to test their abilities against some competition off the Island.

Special appreciation to Mitch Laporte who found the tournament for our team and made the hotel block bookings at the Cove Resort for all to enjoy this past weekend.

2008-2009 Midget B Grizzlies Roster

      #1 Peter Faint (G)                                 #7 Dustin Mayo (RW)

      #5 Alex Kersch (D)   (Asst Captain)                                     

      #6 Cam Bond   (D)

      #8 Koko Henderson   (D)

                                    #9 Carson Woolcock   (C)

                                    #10 Jesse Crighton

      #13 Ryan Stinson   (LW)

                                     #14 Brad Dick   (C)

      #16 Luke Michaud (C)

                                    #17 Brad Robinson   (LW)

      #18 Brandon Cooper   (C) (Asst Captain)

      #19 Craig King   (C)   (Asst Captain)

      #27 Eli Flarrow   (LW)

     #66 Conlan Laporte (D) (Captain)

      #77 Nick White (RW)

       #87 Trevor Kellett (D)  

      #89 Mike English

      #33 Even Sims (G)


Your 2008-2009 Juan De Fuca Grizzlies Midget B

















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