Jul 8/20
4:27 pm




New York

Team Ticker:
  • Welcome.... the new home of the Mets
  • Our current record is currently 11-10 but we are lookin to come on strong
  • Our team has been changed from the Nationals to the New York Metropolitans!
Player of the game:
(Jul 11/05)
Kaz Ishii

Pitches perfect game against the Yankees

WElcome to the new homepage of the New York Mets. No this is not some amazing fan site. So if u think so GOA WAY! Now that I got that over with, WELCOME! Your here at the home of the Mets. This is the official site of the Mets from the MVP Baseball League. Check out are homepage at {}.I'm the Mets, I'm Brian, and u can send me feedback at {} That squiggly lookin thing is an at sign if u couldn't tell, don't worry ur not losing ur eyesight, I couldn't tell either. Go METS! in the league of course. In the MLB Go White Sox! No I'm not a fair weather fan I've liked them all my life. If u don't believe me u can even ask the Bob.


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