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Pitt Meadows

Player of the game:
(Jun 11/09)
Logan Glubis

Logan's back!
Countdown to Canadians game and Fireworks at Nat Bailey Stadium
(Jun 30/09)

June 13, 2009

Congratulations Mavericks on your Silver Medal in this year's final tournament.


June 11, 2009

Mavericks send the Mariners back to sea with a 9 to 5 Victory.  Congratulations Mavericks on getting to the finals.  Go Mavs!!


June 7, 2009

Mavericks take the first game of the tournament 7 to 4 over the Cardinals.  Keeno makes player of the game with an acrobatic catch in the outfield!  Keep up the good work boys.  Next game is Tuesday at 6:00, Albion.


June 2, 2009

The Home-Run Club Welcomes Hollywood.

Great jobs you guys.  Keep it up!!


June 1, 2009

Practice tonight 6:00 Fairview!!



May 22,

Don't forget to get your payment in for the Canadians Game. 

Anyone wanting to try pitching  in a game before the tournament starts should let coach know. 



MAY 18,






May6, 2009

You were fired-up tonight T-Bone!...good job. 


May 5, 2009

Another close one tonight boys!   Once again Maverick Pitching was excellent allowing only 4 runs in 4 innings.  Hammer struck out 1, Logan struck out one, Kaden struck out 3 for 3, and Hollywood closed the show with 2 strikeouts on 3 batters.   The other out was made by ZackAttack picking off a runner at second.  Keenan also threw out a runner attempting to steal.

Hits came from Kaden with 2, Hollywood (With the game winnign RBI) Hammer,and Liam (with a great hit and RBI).

Runs came from Kaden, Homer(2) Hammer and Chipper.

You guys are really coming together as a team.  Keep up the good work.



May 3, 2009

27 to 7 wow!

The Maverick Bats were lighting up the sky today.  Kado 3 hits, ZackAtack had 2, Cracker had 2,  Homer had 1, Hammer had 1, and Chipper had 1.  10 hits...great!

Another great day on the mound for Hollywood, Logan and Hammer as they showed those 2nd year boys how to get the job done.  Only 2 runs given up between the 3 of them in 3 innings.  Keep it up. 

Smart baserunning today guys...way too many stolen bases to count!

No player of the game will be seleted for the tournaments.  POG will resume 2nd half of season.


April 30th, 2009

Great pitching and smart baserunning was the difference in last night's game as the Mavericks were able to squeeze one by the Cardinals 6 to 5.  Hollywood, Logan and Hammer all had outstanding innings allowing no runs and combined for  6 strike outs.  Kado, ZakAttack and Robert combined for 4 strike outs and were able to get us through the last 2 innings keeping the victory.  Runs came from Kado, ZackAttack, Cracker, Hamer, Hollywood, and Danny Boy who laid down a great bunt and stole home for the winning run.

Welcome ZackAttack to the Home Run Club.  3 members so far.

We're getting better every game guys. 



April 26, 2009

A tough loss tonight boys.  We had them up until the last inning, but infielding errors cost us the game.  More fielding clinics are necessary obviously!  But on a good note, the Maverick's bats were thumpin!  2 homers from Balin and one from Robert.   A great pitching effort  tonight by Balin, Hollywood, Homer and Kado.  Support your pitchers guys don't let them down.  They need you to get those balls! 

See you at practice.



April 18, 2009

Players of the games will be posted next week. Stay Tuned.



April 15, 2009

The Mavericks looked good in the first couple of innings against the Twins tonight.  Hits came from Kado, Zack-attack, T-Bone, Homer, and Keenan.  Runs came from Kado, Zack-attack, T-Bone, Balin, Hollywood, Logan, Liam, and Cracker.   Balin had another great day on the mound allowing only one run facing 5 batters.  Cracker made a great catch out in left field to help him earn player of the game honours.   Hollywood, Zack-attack and T-Bone all struggled on the mound tonight but look for them to get back to fine pitching form soon.  Kado had to be strong at catcher tonight to keep track of all those wild pitches.  Pitching takes practice guys, pratice every day!  Remember to watch the 3rd base coach for the signals when on base!!

April 9,  2009

The Mavericks were looking sharp in their uniforms as they took the field last night to take on the Mariners.  Agressive base running and solid pitching and defensive play was the name of the game as the Mavericks beat the Mariners 17 to 8. 

Congratulations player of the game Balin.  Check the side box...

Great pitching by Balin and Chad held the Mariners to only 2 runs after 3 innings.  Kaden struggled a bit on the mound allowing 6 runs in the last inning.  Kaden often gets off to a slow start on the mound, but look for him to rebound from that very soon and get back to his winning ways. 

Keenan made a couple of great plays including the game ending out.

Hits came from Kaden, Zach, Liam, and Graeme.    Runs came from Kaden (3), Zach (2), Travis (2), Balin (1), Robert (1), Logan (2), Coby (1), Liam (2), Graeme (2), and Kevin (1)

Great effort boys.  But there is still a lot of work to do!  Be prepared to listen and work HARD over the next few weeks!

Coach Jeff



 March 23, 2009

Our goal this season is to further develop your baseball skills and to show you what can be accomplished when we all work together and in support of each other.

Each player requires:

Baseball pants for practices( Not Game uniform!),  Baseball glove (take care of it!!)Batting helmet, Baseball cleats, Athletic Supporter,  Suggested-Baseball bag with name/water bottle, batting gloves, sliding shorts.

Opening day/pictures:

April 4, (Time TBA)

Practice Times:

1 mandatory  practice per week,  1 optional batting practice per week, plus an optional  weekend clinic (location  and times TBA).

Practices are no longer than 1 hr 15 min. ea.

Players must arrive 5 minutes before practice commences.

Missing a mandatory practice may result in a loss of playing time.

Please notify me if you cannot make practices.


First half of schedule is posted on schedule.

Dress Code:

Games: Clean uniform - team shirt tucked in, blue under armour shirt underneath game jersey, baseball cap, baseball socks, cleats, athletic supporter, helmet.

(Dont forget/lose anything!!!) If you show up for a game without proper equipment you will not play.

Practice: Practice baseball pants, baseball cap, cleats, athletic supporter, helmet.

No shorts/ jeans ever!!

Sliding shorts are optional

No sunglasses


On the bench

No food or drink other than water or Gatorade type drinks on the bench games or practices

No sunflower seeds games or practices

No gum!

Horseplay on the bench or in the field is not tolerated. Horseplay may result in a loss of playing time.

No bad language tolerated!

Game Snack

Each family will take turns providing a healthy snack for all the kids after each game. Fruit juices or fruit works best The odd sweets never hurt a kid(or coach), especially after a game well played. This schedule will be posted on our calendar.


Team Website:

Check the site after every game for players of the game.    Also check the site 1 hour before each game and practice especially if raining.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me to discuss any questions you may have throughout the season.

Lets have a great season Mavericks!

Coach Jeff MacNabb (604) 465-7209

Asst Coach Demy Romeo (604) 460-1988





Welcome to the Mavericks Baseball Club New Home Page.

Our first team get together is on Monday the 23rd of March.  We will be meeting at the Fairview Elementary School gym.  Please bring running shoes and your glove.

Also, be sure to check out the calendar tab on this site to get up-to-date information on practices, clinics, get-togethers and games.

When the uniforms are ready I will need you all to drop by my studio at 12518-203 st., to try it on and make sure it fits.  The jackets and long sleeve shirts have not been ordered yet.  We are still waiting to secure another sponsor.

The Mavericks would also like to take this time to thank our newest sponsor - Evolution Technolgies.  You guys are the best!   

If any of you have your own company and are interested in sponsoring the team or know of anyone that migh be interested, please give coach Jeff a call.  Our sponshorship dollars this year are going toward custom uniforms, jackets and practice shirts, end of the year trophies and few extra fun things for the kids.

Coach Jeff



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