Apr 9/20
3:50 pm





Team Ticker:
  • Aaron Csik wins the Gold Glove Award
In the past the Lookouts were unstopable. They made it to 4 finals in a row but lost to the Mudcats. Still they have won the division 5 years in a row. Despite the release of former batting champ Kyle Grover the Lookouts were able to pick up young slugger Aaron Csik. Eddie Eifert hit well and delivered when needed. Aaron Csik hit in the clutch but couldnt pitch well in the stretch. The Lookouts werent as strong as they were in the past. Eddie Eifert pitched well but they still managed to end up losing games. For the first time in team history they managed to lose more than 7 games in a season.

In the playoffs they were two loses and gone. The Thunder got to them first and then the Mudcats finished them off. They were unable to make it to the finals for the first time in team history. Hitting in the playoffs was their flaw and they couldnt put any runs on the board for pitching. They should have a better record in 08 because Aaron will be seasoned enough to give the MVP award a run for its money. Also if Eddie Eifert hits for a higher average like in the past the team should generate runs to cushion the pitchers. If they can do all of this they will be the favorite to win it all besides the Thunder.


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