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(Sep 24/11)

Countdown to Christmas
(Dec 25/11)

Posted Dec 11/11 - Reminders: updated news


I'm awaiting word on the team pictures and haven't received word. When I get them I will pass them out. They are usually here before christmas unless they are delayed this year.


Our team fundraiser is wrapping up this weekend... all tickets must be handed in today and money as well. I will give you an updated financial sheet of our records once I have deposited all the money.  As of today our bank states that the 2 cheques have been taken out. SSE tournmament  ( 725.00)Jan 13,14,15 (when i get the schedule will send it out to all) and Neil Barker Tournament( 850.00) Jan 20-22 weekend.


The draw will take place next weekend for the booze basket fundraiser. Thanks to all of you have managed to sell extra tickets.. The team appreciates it. 


*** A reminder all monies raised will be for the team expenses. .  Therefore whether you raise 100 or 300...  the funds go towards team expenses such as tournaments etc, costs such as extra ice time, travel permits, team party.  All monies will stay with the team until the season is complete than the financial records will be ceased at the end of season with each parent receiving records statements indicating where all funds went and distribution of money for expenses.  NO parent will receive extra money based on the fact that they raised more money for fundraising.  We all do our best and some have better luck than others... no one will be penalized. We all fundraised together and we all handed in our cheques at the beginning of the season therefore the team raised the funds equally and therefore if money remains at the end of the season its's distributed equally among all parents.   


I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... Hope that Santa is good to all our hockey players! 


LUisa Gould

Posted Oct 22/11 - A job well done!

Congratulations PEEWEE WHITE!

You all played Wonderful!!!!!  I think there should be a place on the game sheet to say where the coach gets the penalty.. poor kids!!!!!

Seriously, I have seen an improvement just from last week game and a big thank you go out to all of our coaches who make it out to practices to help our team improve weekly!!!!


I think Player of the game should go to the coaches  this week for all there hard work!!!


Posted Oct 15/11 - Well done....

All players should be given a pat on the back because they all played well for their second game! Keep up the great work.

Posted Oct 12/11 - Team players

Mike has asked that all players are ready 15 minutes prior to every game so that Alana can join the team and be able to be apart of the team and the game plan can be discussed with the players.  It is recommended that each player be at the arena at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to game to allow for getting ready, possibly changing jerseys if we are similar in colour... It also makes it easier on coaches to know whom is here and not here.  Please call the coach if you can not make the game and or practice.  Thanks



Dear Parents,

          My name is Luisa Gould, and I have volunteered to be your team manager for this upcoming hockey season. I look forward to getting to know all of you as the season progresses.  I have done this job for the past few years and I have enjoyed doing it in the past but there is always room for improvement or changes to the way one does things...  If you have any experience in this area please don't hesitate to help because more hands makes the job a lot easier.

      As Mike has told us in previous emails we need some extra hands to help this season get off to a great start and some of these jobs don't take a lot of time and aren't time consuming.  Here is a list of jobs that we need help filling. I know many parents have signed up but we could use a few more to make the load a lot easier.  Please email me to let me know if you can help out and I can give you more details if you need it.

Parent Representative- We needs someone to attend the meeting that LMHA puts on. I haven't heard of that date but when I find out we will pass it on to that volunteer.  This job is very minimal attend the 2 meetings. Get us the dates that we need photo day, fundraiser ideas etc.  I will share that information with the group through the website if you like or you can email the group to share what we all need to know. (Thanks to Katrina Chapman for volunteering to be our parent rep)

Co-signor- I need a co-signor for the ability to write cheques out of our account. We must set up a bank account for the group and I have always had another parent on the team sign the cheques in previous years and protect all the parents on the team from any issues.  (So someone whom attends practices or games) Thanks to Danielle Chartrand for volunteer to help me out with this job)

Jerseys - The league wants one parent to wash the jerseys and bring it in every time we have a game.  They don't need washing every game but every other game and the ability to let them to air out.  (They will need to be at every game and be there early for the kids to get dressed) (Thanks to Mike Laskey for volunteering for doing this job)

Extra Help for the ice with drills- Mike needs extra hands on the ice. The more people there is on the ice the better chance that we have reaching our kids, helping them with the extra skills they need to develop.  We can talk later as a group of parents if you maybe interested in having a professional come out and do some drills, skills with the kids during one of our practices. (I believe you need to have a police check as well as speak out training but will verify this with our convenor Gary Chenier) - Thanks to Crystal Ansems for volunteering to help out on the ice. Anyone else with experience will be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, any concerns please do not hesitate to call Mike/ Email him with your concerns. If there is something to do with the schedule/games/ or anything financial please see me I will do my best to get the answers or fix the problem if there is one. 

We will be having our first parent meeting this Saturday after the game. It will only take 5 mins of your time!  I just want your input on how many tournaments you would like to enter. The sooner we register the sooner we must get the money to them so fundraising is a big thing. Either we all fundraise together or we all just write a cheque and then we don't have any extra work. Either way I will need someone to help out in that area. 

If we fundraise- I will need a volunteer to organize the fundraiser, put it together and help the team get it done.  Thanks to Lisa Carmichael for volunteering to help out

I will also be requiring that parents send me contact emails, phone numbers, cell numbers if there is ever a change of venue or there was an error with the date of practice or game I will need to call parents a.s.a.p. I will be making a phone tree for all parents. or perhaps the best place to contact you so that if there is a change we can save everyone some time!!!!  Can parents just send me a confirmation of your phone number where you are best to be reached. Mike has provided me with your information but if there is a cell number that you want to forward to contact you at please email me at

As well once I get all the kids Jersey numbers I will be putting a cheering chart together for parents. I will laminate them and that way parents can cheer for all l the kids and encourage them....

I am looking forward to our year together.... GO LMHA PEEWEE White.... 

Your Team Manager





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