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Triple Baggers, Summer League 2011
-- Co-Ed Recreational League B-Side Champions --

Guys in the back: Ashley Thompson, Harley Johnson, Jay Husset, Dwayne Hassan, Sean Gingles, Brad Lenz, Jeremy Lough
Girls in the front: Ainsley McWhirter, Amanda Ellis, Kaila Tran, Debbie Manila

Team Captain: Brad Lenz
Active roster not shown: Steve Beaulieu
Spare players not shown: Matt Cowan, Justin Johnson, Aundrea Lough
Special mention to: Nelson, Sabrina, Michelle, Janelle, Vicky, Jen and Paul

Hello and welcome to the home page of the Triple Baggers.  This site is oriented towards basic communication and information sharing with all team members, and we encourage everyone to browse through the pages to keep in the loop of what is going on! 

The Triple Baggers are a casual softball team and this website will reflect that pretty accurately ;)  The 2010 Fall Ball season was the first time a website was created and an interest was sparked about halfway through to be able to track and monitor statistics such as hitting average.  While collecting all that data proves to be challenging without a dedicated scorekeeper, this site is intended to help display our players' performances.

Our team blossomed significanly since its inception, and while maintaining a recreational league attitude, our caliber certainly showed that we were true contenders in every game.  You may say that we were much like the 2010 Blue Bombers (yay ... we think ...) in that our wins were well executed and most of our losses were caused only by a small handful of bad plays.  As the season progressed we all started to dig our feet into and excel at our posted positions.  There were some major advancements in our offence with great awareness from the base coaches, runners pulling out the extra yard when needed and batters starting to slug the ball better than ever before.  Our defense got better as the games went on with improved communication during pop flies, better awareness to where the play is going and making that leap or dive for plays that wouldn't have been made otherwise.

2010 turned out to be a great season for Fall Ball.  Our 2011 summer team is proving to be a stellar team as well, taking a group of casual players with an interest to play a fun game into a serious competitor every week.  We can easily find the balance of being able to play for fun and for a W at the same time.  Capturing the B-Side title early in the season was a great accomplishment for us and we are ready to attack for the A-Side trophy in August.

Thanks for stopping by, and it is highly encouraged to communicate any website questions or suggestions to the site admin.


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