Oct 29/20
12:36 pm





Team Ticker:
  • The blackburn split its two games during the Carpini Cup, winning 1-0 and losing 3-0.
  • MVP: Entire Team for all their dedication hard work that made this season a success!
  • Congrats to: Ben, Zach N., Zach W., Zach H., Matthew, Michael, John, Jonathan, Billy, Austin, Ethan, Patrick, Devin and Justin!
  • Team Trivia: Best team to coach for? Blackburn!
Player of the game:
(Oct 26/08)

The team came to play on Saturday with the goal of advancing to the semi-finals. In a rematch of a regular season loss to Everton, the team rebounded with a hard fought victory 1-0. Billy provided a great pass to a wide-open Justin who lifted the ball just over the out stretched hands of the goalie to score his first goal of the season. In the second game just 1 hour later, the team also had a rematch against the Arsenal. This time, the Arsenal prevailed 3-0.
Countdown to Game
(Sep 27/08)

What a great this season!  The team played hard every game and really came together in the Carpini Cup even through we did not advance to the semi-finals.  In the end, the kids won and lost some games but more importantly, they all had fun and made some new friends!

Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen


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