Apr 7/20
9:21 am

Lithuanian Brotherhood



Beaver Dam

Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the home of the Lithuanian Brotherhood
  • Brotherhood looks slay O'Neil's 3-0 squad
  • Woreck supports the Brotherhood
  • LB's looking to make a run at class title
  • Where da hood, Where da hood, Where da hood at?
Player of the week:
(Apr 7/20)
Jessica Schultz

she answered a question this week!
Countdown to O'Neil vs. Brotherhood PPV
(Mar 2/05)

LB's Win a Thriller
The Lithuanian Brotherhood sealed it at the buzzer last game. The Brotherhood led for most of the game until a 15pt. question about the writer of the Star Spangled Banner came up. Patrick Zeeman rang in and said "Alex Keys." Marlena Wapneski's team came with the right answer for a 30 point takeaway and the lead with 30 seconds remaining. Luckely team captain Eric Schultz answered the 5 pointer to tie it up. The final question was read score tied, and Schultz struck again. "When it's that close you really don't have time to think it is more of a natural reaction." Schultz added. "Zeeman put us in a tough spot, and if he wants to continue to be a mainstay on this franchise he is going to have to stop giving the other team points."

Hood Cleans House
The new season is upon us, and the Lithuanian Brotherhood has many new faces. The Hood's first round draft pick Patrick Zeman is expected to put up good numbers. Like alway the Brotherhood is lead by Owner/Founder/Captain Eric Schultz. "The New season posses a unique challenge for the Brotherhood. We'd like to make a run at it," said Schultz. "We will be hurting with out O'Neil, but we couldn't reached a contract agreement in our negotiations."

Hello, and welcome to the Official website of the Lithuanian Brotherhood Quiz Bowl Team. The Lithuanian Brotherhood is the most storied franchise in all of Quiz Bowl. Founded in 2002, by owner Eric Schultz, many have fallen at the hands of the Brotherhood. The Traditional Rivals include the 'Dumb Pollocks' and the 'Swinging Sweedes.'


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