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Player of the month:
(Jun 20/16)
nicole M.

Has been a clutch hitter all year. Always seems to get that hit we need to score the run . Great work kid
Countdown to next season of ball
(Mar 11/16)
Posted Jun 3/14 - Bandits qualify for District Championships

The girls battled a great Langley team and won the right to represent Langley at the U19 Districts in Abbotsford. Our girls came out ahead after a hard fought best of 3 playdown. See you all in Abby June 13/14/15.

Go Bandits...P.S. This past weekend they grabbed Silver in Vernon and also won "most sportsmanlike team"....and we thought they would be tired for tonights game....Some of the team camped at Travis's "Bizarro Land" Campground on Swan Lake.....and, as is the Bandit custom, "what happens at the campground, stays at the campground".

Posted Apr 16/14 - Good game as the Bandits beat the rain.

As predicted the rains came minutes after the game ended, although there was a Scottish mist during a couple innings. This did keep Coach Stan busy keeping his game balls dry. The girls had lots of high points with some solid defence. The girls were swinging the bat well, great to see this early in the season. Strong Chilliwack team with many 2nd and 3rd year players. We will get them next time.The girls are getting to know each other and will certainly go leaps and bounds after their first tournament coming up soon. Ray and an un-named coach got very clever in the game and made a Major League baseball defensive shift, sending our SS almost behind 2B on a hunch. We wont do that again....sorry Melissa V. V.

Other than that coaches blunder, everything went well....thanks to the parents that helped prep the field. There is now a schedule being sent out to everyone so we all share the work load. See everyone Thursday in the 'Wack......road trip....the concession has the most awesome "diet" gravy.

Posted Apr 6/14 - Bandits continue their ways from 2013

Great day for ball and the Bandits impressed. There for warmup at the un-Godly hour of 830 they looked more than ready for the games today.

The girls played the other LFA U19 team and both teams played great. Solid pitching with Carly and Katelyn sharing the duties. Erika and Meghan back-stopped them and looked great behind the dish. Game 2 was with the Xtreme "B" team. 

The girls had a team batting average of .340 and on base percentage of .500 over the 2 games.....1st day, awesome effort...everyone scored today and made plays. Amy had the hot bat today, followed by Carly. Maddie D destroyed a perfectly good ball with her standup triple. Our "rookie" Madelynne V got her first base hit of the season and looked good in the infield getting a put out. Meghan C ripped one off the Langley pitcher as did Nicole who picked up a couple RBI's on her hit. Melinda (melissa B) also knocked her 1st hit of the season and carried on where she left off at 2B-solid.....

Melissa V.V. did well in her debut at SS, however she did give one of the coaches a stink eye....great at bats, hits, baserunning....good day.

We learned today to play shallow in right field with a right hand batter..nice catch Nicole. The coaches today were extraordinary.....great offensive game, sublime defensive planning....great opening day in LFA....good games, awesome umpiring....

The scorekeeping was awesome, nice job Ray with the stats....I havent seen the written scorebook but apparently Amy's mom colours really well and stays inside the lines....great day gang, see you Tuesday....Game #1...the journey begins.


Posted Apr 6/14 - Bandits 2014


Posted Mar 23/14 - Bandits first practice rocks..

The 2014 Bandits had their first practice...great energy, Maddy, Maddy, Meghan, Meghan, Amy, Nicole worked their butts off and set the tone for the season....We do have Melissa (thumper) joining us soon, and Melissa V, and Maddie so far we have Maddie, Maddie, Maddie, Melissa, Melissa, Meghan, Meghan, Nicole, Amy, Claire, Carly....not a chance of getting mixed up this season....met the parents after practice, everyone seems to be on the same page..see you at BP wednesday at the cages.

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