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  • Welcome to the new home of The Florida Warriors
  • We are looking for players,sponsors,and support staff for 2014 season
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Welcome to the home page of the Florida Warriors

The warriors are a new team based out of lake county and begins play in 2014 as a member of the   UFL .We are currently recruiting coaches,players and volunteers for the 2014 football season.This is a great opportunity to strap it on again and play some football or to help out and earn community service hours for school,work,or church you  and your family would be in a safe environment and enjoy not only football but much more. The following oppurnities are available: 

*Concession workers

* Field crew

Public relations team

*Experienced game announcer

*Eperienced equipment manager (male or female)

*This will be a fun,wonderful and rewarding experience so jump aboard and get involved! If you are interested in being a coach, player or   volunteer please email us at ( Or call coach Mack Sapp at (352)321 - 6356


It is the mission of the warriors to provide our fans with the most exciting and safe sporting environment possible at the best value for their dollar. Our program is dedicated to being competitive and giving our fans a fun and exciting experience at all times. This will be established inside a safe and secure facility making this a great event for the whole family!

The warriors is also dedicated to being a developmental program to our players. It is our goal to help all members of our program advance to the level by promoting our players so they can reach their respected goals. Whether they are players out of High School still wishing to reach a strong college program or a past college athlete trying to reach the professional levels, it is our goal to help them get there by working with scouting departments to give them their deserved opportunity. 

The Warriors maintains contact with the JUCCO, NCAA, AFL, AFL2, Indoor League and NFL Recruiters to assist exceptionally talented players in reaching their goal

The Rush Minor League Professional Football Organization are a 501 c3 non profit organization in the state of Florida. The Warriors are a professional minor league football team that are committed to the sport of football, located in the city of sumter, FL. We offer a player the chance to play a the highest level with our traning program during the season and off-season. The UNITY AND HOPE program is a project for the community that's for building stronger mind's in our youth's. The coaching staff for the warriors are the best at what they do, each one having played the game as player's they only know how to win. The warriors will be a force in there first year of league play and we want to invite the fan's out to family night every Saturday night during the season. Welcome to Warriors Football the very best Minor League Football in the State of Florida.
and NFL Recruiters to assist exceptionally talented players in reaching their goal

  The SFSFL  has opened our 2013/14  Registrations. The UFL, is looking to add teams all across the state. If you are interested in applying for Membership or you would like to be a board member     please call President Green at 813-445-1687 or email him at Come see why we say "It's a Great to be In The UFL " and be apart of a league that "PUTS TEAMS FIRST"



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