Sep 26/20
10:06 pm

Lake Area Wiffleball
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League Ticker:
  • Jeff Kish, Zack Slavitsky, and Brian Romani tied for league lead in homeruns with 5
  • Brian Romani recieved his 800th career hit against the Mudcats
  • Sidewinders win first game matching their wins from last season of 1
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Posted Apr 26/10 - Commish Steps Down
On Monday April 26th 2010 6:11 PM Brian Romani (player/commisioner) of the league since 2003 stepped down as president and commisioner. Although it is still a question on wheather he is still going to play, the league will go on. Now under the leadership of Player and new president Bernie Woodford, the league has changed again. Romani said "I am burnt out and grateful from all of it" and still says that he has intrest in running it again. But for now as he stated, he has stepped down. He also stated that "I was treated unfairly in the past 2 years and somewhat taken for granted". Now the operation of the field, website, stats, and the players union is under Woodford.
Posted Apr 11/10 - Rookies Making An Impact
This years class made their debut and some quickly made their impacts. Jeff Kish who is a undrafted rookie made a huge impact for his team. The Sidewinders were lookin for a good arm and a big bat. At the plate he crushed 3 homeruns in his first game helping the Sidewinders match their win total of last year. He finished the day with 5 homeruns and 13 RBI's and 13 hits. Alex Zimmerman made a splash with the Threshers. He went 4 for 12 with a double and 2 RBI's and one dramatic walk off single laced up the middle. Brandon Eckert of the Swamp Dragons had a good day for his club as he went 5 for 9 with 2 jacks and 4 RBI's. Brandon Eckert showed off his power and he could have a dominant year as one of the best rookies in the league. Corey Staples hit .500 going 4 for 8 with an RBI. His role as a solid fielder wasnt really pressured but he will have a good year and really help this Thunder team who was considered one of the best who turned into a shakey team overnigth. Jason Bongard of the Shorebirds fit in just fine. He went 5 for 18 with an RBI. His bat will heat up and that means more runs for an already very powerful team. Scott Denoro on the otherhand struggled on making the transition from spring to the regular season. He didnt recieve a hit but had an RBI on a sac fly. Denoro will get his fair share of hits and provide some runs for the Mudcats to repeat.
Posted Apr 11/10 - 09 Series Rematch Blowout
The Mudcats faced off against the Shorebirds in a rematch of the 09 World Series. Brian Romani and Brian Eifert were on the mound and Eddie Eifert and Zack Slavitsky were both playing on the same field again. Brian Eifert struggled on the mound early giving up a  2 run homerun to Romani to start the game. This set the tone of the game and the Shorebirds never looked back. The Mudcats struggled hitting as well as Romani gave up 1 hit and recieved a shutout in his opener. He struck out 7 batters including Eddie Eifert 3 times. The Shorebirds rolled along winning 5 to 0 and showed there power off against a heavy favorite Mudcats team.


Posted Apr 11/10 - Threshers Win 2 Big Games In Walk Off Fashion

The Threshers finished their season last year in a very disapointing way, but flip flopped that around winning their two games in walk off fashion.


Posted Apr 11/10 - Sidewinders Looking Good Early

When the Sidewinders went 1 and 29 last season no one thought they would get 1 win in the opener. Jake Dickerson made some moves during the offseason that could change they look of the franchise within one year.



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