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Countdown to Christmas
(Dec 25/08)
With the Junior Burrards' lacrosse season officially ending, it means the 10 third-year players on the team have ended their junior careers.

Rick Trickett, the team's general manager, said that without some of these players, there would be no place to play for the intermediate players who are set to enter junior next year.

Tyler Daniels, Pat Trickett, Kyle Goff, Scott Sarai, Corey Murdock, and Greg Rensmaag are the remaining players from the team's first season that didn't exactly go too well.

"Those guys knew full well that it would be a long road before we became competitive at that level," said Trickett.

"Some of them stuck it out the whole way and they deserve an extra special hats off from our club."

In the club's inaugural season three years ago, the Burrards only managed one win in 16 games, and only had two players who were able to score in double digits.

They made the playoffs that year, as every team in the league did, but were embarrassed by Coquitlam in their only two games.

This year, the Burrards finished in sixth place in the nine team West Coast Junior Lacrosse League, and almost all of their nine losses came in some tightly played games.

Cam McKay, the team's goalie of the last two years, played his Intermediate lacrosse in Burnaby, but then returned to Maple Ridge for his last two years of Junior.

"2007 and 2008 were amazing years for myself and the teammates I was reunited with," said McKay. "We started out struggling to bond as a team but by the end of this season we had gelled incredibly."

Three players who weren't quite able to make Port Coquitlam's Junior B squad, were also integral in the team's road to success.

One of them, Murdock, ended up being the team's captain in his last season.

Sarai, another of the PoCo players, said that he would rather lose in Maple Ridge than win in PoCo, because of the relationships he had gained playing for Ridge Meadows.

Kevin Floyd, the third PoCo player to join the Burrards, said that his favourite thing about playing for Ridge Meadows was almost beating the powerhouse Coquitlam Adanacs.

The Burrards lost to the Adanacs 12-1 at the beginning of the year, and only lost 10-8 at the end of it.

Jeff Laity, a player who will still be around for another season, scored six goals in that game.

Jayson Nicol, a rookie on the Burrards, said jokingly that although he doesn't want to see the third-year's gone, it'll be nice to not have to shower with them anymore.


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