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About Us

We are like no other hockey league in existence.

Our league is designed to promote fair play, healthy competition, with an emphasis on team concept and most importantly, bring the FUN back into the game!! We aren't interested in standings or level of play or past history of our players. Everyone is equal in our eyes and everyone is on the ice to have fun, that's what it's all about.

Hockey is a game and should be viewed as a fun, social event that promotes physical activity and provides an outlet for everyday life. Competition is required as is a level of intensity that organized sports can provide. The JFFHL provides all of these ingredients, yet still maintains a profile that is enjoyable and relaxed. In short – players in the JFFHL will have the complete hockey experience AND still enjoy this great game.

We have developed a unique system that promotes fair play, fun, competition and physical activity, without all the politics and problems that plague many of today’s organized sports.

What Makes the JFFHL So Unique?

Our custom designed computer program that scrambles the roster for EVERY game and then creates a personalized schedule for each player based on their availability.

Players are not stuck on a losing team and we never have a dominant 'team' because the rosters change on a game by game basis. This creates a very friendly atmosphere where everyone develops an appreciation for the other players, while the competitive edge is maintained.

In short, we play 'organized shinny' where everyone is out to have fun and winning is only for bragging rights from week to week. This is the best kind of hockey for those who realize that the scouts are not watching and the dream of making a career from hockey is either beyond reach or long past.

Play for the love of the game, this is why the league was created!


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