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  • PNE this week anyone???
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(Aug 28/09)

What a tournament! If someone would have told me last week, that we'd be 1 run away from winning the "B" bracket this past weekend, I would have thought they we crazy. But we found the MUSH BALL GENIE and played consistent all weekend! Way to go Gators!

It all started with a solid all around game to beat the "other" Gators. It was sure nice to beat them when it meant something! Our Sat. morning game was a bit of a wake up call for us, as the Round Trippers beat us up by 8 runs. Next up was the Buck n Ear, who proved to be much better than the in the regular season, and it almost ended our run. I believe that we snuck into the semi finals by way of run differential. Sweet! We knew we had a big mountain to climb in the Stealers, but thank goodness for Jager Bombs! It was quite obvious that they had been drinking WAY MORE than we had been. We we able to score early and often on errors that usually would have been outs. Don't get me wrong, we hit the ball hard too, and their errors just kept our innings going.  The were never able to recover from the Gators hot bats and we easily beat them by more that 10 runs. Up next for us again, was the Round Trippers. They kind of had our number all season. They beat us in the bottom half of the 9th in the very first game of the season. I suppose it was fitting that they homered in the bottom half of the last game of the season to win it. We had another solid all around game. Considering they had creamed us earlier that morning, we kept it tight and stayed within reach. It was basically that 1 HR at the end that did us in, but you can't really defend against those in a park with a fence.We'll get'em next year! 

Kudos to Neds for organizing again this season! Excellent job of juggling the line up around and keeping our hottest bats in the line up where possible. Also a good job in rotating our pitchers to keep the opposition guessing.

Thanks to all who brought stuff for the BBQ! There was so much stuff that I can't remember who brought what, but it was all awesome! I do remember that Neds made "HOT" wings, as my stomach was a mess the next day.

Finally, I'm not sure what everyone's schedule is like in the next few weeks, but how does a season ending wind up sound?  Before it gets too cold out and before some of the Gators get into the hockey season, it'd be nice to gather again! Send around some emails and we'll see who's around!! 

Win or lose......................................................HIT THA BOOZE!!!!!!!!

Go Gators!!


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