Mar 30/20
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Fort Wayne

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  • Welcome to the home of the Hoagburg Ortho Little League Team
  • Playoffs start this Saturday @ noon!

Welcome to the Hoagburg Ortho Little League Baseball Team Home Page.


We play tonight at 6:45 vs Sanco. Please be at the field by 6:15. If we win, we play again tomorrow @ 6:45.


If you were at the Tin Caps game sunday, you may have seen the officers of the league wearing GTLL Shirts. You can reserve a shirt at the concession stand and the first shipment should be available Friday, June 10 for pick up. The shirts are $10, 3X and larger are $12. The money generated from the shirt sale will go to replaced damaged drain tiles in all the fields. The board is also accepting donations for this project.

*** AWARDS ***

The Award Ceremony will tentively be held Saturday June 25th @ 10:30 @ the Prep Diamond. Please be at the diamond by 10:15, wear your team shirts and hats. This date may float depending on rain outs during the Playoffs. The time may also float as the team that wins the losers bracket must beat the winners bracket team twice but we won't know until the first game is over. Please plan to attend!

On the schedule, the home team uses the dug out on the first base side. Please be at the games 30 minutes before it starts. We like to getting in some stretching and warm their arms up. The kids can get hurt if they show up at game time and don't warm up plus it's harder for the coaches to make lineups. On most days, one of the coaches may be at the field 45 minutes early and do some batting practice in the cages. If you can not make it to a game, please let us know as soon as you can. With only 11 kids on the team, we can quickly end up with a forfeit with just 3 kids missing. We need to know so we can find someone to substitute.

Parents, during the games, please cheer for the team but don't "coach" your child. We know that you will be focused on your child and watch them every second and every little thing they do right or wrong. Please keep in mind that the focus of this league is to learn the game while having fun so they want to play again next year. Many kids give up becuase they don't want the lecture about what they did wrong after every game. They are suppose to do things wrong, that's how they learn. Be positive and let them know about the good things they did and work with them on the things they need help with. Us coaches only have them for an hour or 2 during the week and can only do so much in that time. Your child will get better if you play catch or even just hitting a wiffle ball at home.

Also during games. The umpires in this league are the coaches from other teams. In many cases, it's the first time they've actually had to make a call "safe" or "out". It's not as easy as you would think. We are not paid professional umps. We WILL get it wrong sometimes. Sometimes it will be in our favor, sometimes it won't. It will even out during the course of the season so please do not yell at the umps. They have the right to stop the game and make you leave the park and the game will not continue until you do so. They can even throw the Manager out of the game for not controlling the parents. They can call the police. Believe me, this is not what your child wants to see. Please let anyone you bring to the park with you know this, not every uncle/aunt/granpa/grandma reads this site or signed a code of conduct sheet.

There is no smoking at the fields or in the parking lot. There is a small smoking section located near the concession stand. No pets are allowed on the property as well. The church next door can be used for parking but please, if there is a wedding or another event taking place at the church, only the first 2 rows closest to the field can be used. We will try our best to let you know when this happens. Also be aware that any baseballs hit over the fence may damage your vehicle so please choose a spot wisely.

The final 2 weeks of June are set aside for playoffs. If you are planning a summer vacation, please try to do it after these 2 weeks. The all star games will be the week after July 4th so if your child makes the team, that can last another 2 weeks. There are 4 All Star teams, two for 7 year olds and two for 8 year olds. Every kid has a chance to make the team.

Let's all have a fun safe season! If you have any questions, please ask Jim or myself.


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