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Countdown to Indoor Season
(Oct 1/17)
Posted Feb 21/17 - Texas Independent Soccer League U21

The newly formed TISLU21 will feature six teams and grow to ten academies over the next five years, the league is an extension of the RDS (Regional Development Soccer) academy institute which operates as the trades and skills development school wing for young developing talent.

The league will play a short 22 game spring/summer season and operate as an indoor short rookie indoor development trades and technical skills school for winter season, the non-profit non-commercial entity operates to develop professional level talent and college developing talent players to pursue a professional career or college scholarship opportunity.

Other related positions used within the industry of soccer will also be available to those interested in a career in soccer.

Posted Feb 16/17 - League

The newly formed rookie academy league is the Texas Independent Soccer League U21.

It will feature players looking to advance into professional soccer league play or can also attempt to use the season as a way to get into college.

The league will play a short 22 game season, but potential talent must attain prospect level grade in order to enter the academy, a free open combine 21u tryout test players but those players must grade out within the prospect or pro-ready talen grade once that grade is attained a six weeks training and conditioning program follows and once that goal is attained the talent has reached the opportunity to enter training camp to prepare for the 22 game season.

The team with the best recod will go on to play in the Larmar Hunt Cup Tournament, but the league also has the Lab 1 classroom sessions and a featured international game contest.

The Texas Independent Soccer League U21 operates as a non-commercial non-profit entity and professional development academy school institute, the program also operates as a Impact Investment- meaning its reinvesting in community and social causes.

Our academy program operates in semester's 18 weeks for the outdoor season and 15 for the indoor season, players are pushed to reach maximum ability the program offers the opportunity to gain experience in other related positions within the industry of soccer as well.


Posted Jun 13/16 - Combine Tryout

The FC Diablos soccer college prep academy institute team will hold workout's in Fall 2016 looking for players who wish to use the indoor season to showcase skills and develop for the outdoor season coming 2017.

More information can be found at team site in coming months.

Combine 21u will test players interested in developing skills used within the industry all potential players will be speed tested timed 60 yard sprint and other related agility testing will be conducted, the game of soccer usually played with burst quick talent who can dribble the ball well make up most teams.


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