Oct 31/20
11:49 am

Serenity Kitchen & Bath



Fort Wayne

Team Ticker:
  • Thank you for visiting the 2010 Serenity Kitchen %26 Bath Team Site!
  • Team Missions: 1. Have Fun 2. Learn %26 Practice Proper Baseball Mechanics 3. Practice Sportsmanship
  • All Team Missions accomplished!!! Thank you guys! I couldn't have asked any more of you!
  • I enjoyed every practice, every game, every visit to Ultra Zone... You are a great team!
  • A special Thank You to the Coaches and Team Moms for helping us get organized to make it a fun and winning season!!!
Player of the game:
(Jun 25/10)
Michael Quintanilla

The whole team played their best in our last playoff game! I couldn't be more proud, as a coach, to see how well you executed what you learned and how well you took the loss. Sporstmanship is the most valuable thing you could've learned from me. It will help you win, in the long run, in every area of your life. I'm very proud to call myself your coach and feel like I added a little more shine to a bunch of bright stars! Great job guys! Thank you! -Coach Tim
Countdown to End of Season - Closing Ceremonies
(Jun 29/10)


Well team, our time together as Serenity Kitchen and Bath is officially over...


Special thanks to the Fort Wayne TinCaps for helping make our Team Picnic so much fun and full of wonderful memories!

Please check out the Photos and Videos links!

There are great pictures from a bunch of people covering several games as well as our Team Picnic!


We've had an enormously successful season!

It was only as succesful as it was because of the dedication of the whole team, parents and players alike!!!


I want to thank you and express that I'm honored to call myself the coach of such a wonderful team!  All of you did your best to give me and your team your all.  That is the biggest compliment you could pay.  For me and your team, I say thank you!

Remember, when I say team, I mean everyone...  Parent's you made this year a real pleasure.


We played hard!  We had fun! And conducted ourselves as the fair, but tough, competitors and sportsmen we are!


Always remember...  Once a team, ALWAYS at team...

Always be good to each other...


Go Serenity Forever Baby!!!

Coach Tim


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