Apr 9/20
8:26 pm

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Canyon Lake

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Welcome to my page. This will pretty much be my page where I put anything I feel that I want to. I will probably focus on the teams that I like best, though.

My favorite teams are: MLB: Angels,Dodgers,Cardinals,Cubs,and the Nationals. NFL:Packers(my favorite team),Saints,Chargers,Panthers(because i like their jersey),and Bengals (because i like their jersey).NCAA:Western Kentucky,UCLA,Clemson,West Virginia,and Notre Dame.NHL:Ducks and Penguins(because I like Sidney Crosby). NBA:Lakers,Mavericks,and Suns.NASCAR:Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhart Jr.(their just really cool).

1/31 Next I will talk about the Green Bay Packers/The Green Bay Packers are my favorite team. I hav like them since I was two years old.The main reason I like the Green Bay Packers is because of Brett Favre.Brett Favre is my idol.If you ask me one question about Brett Favre I can answer it in like 1 minute.Next year I really think the Packers will do very good. WIth AJ Hawk and all of the 2006 rookies the Packers will be good even if Brett Favre Retires.

Hey Josh, #4's comin' back next year!


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